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by Poi Jakosalem, Janica Cleto & Nadynne Esguerra

Conceptual Photographer and PARCINQ Creative Director Rxandy Capinpin envisioned an ambitious project – a creative three-part series that pushes the limits of what our new-gen makeup artists (and frequent collaborators) Janica, Poi, and Nadynne can do. In this latest #PARCINQBeauty editorial entitled Ding Dong, beauty unleashes its transformative potential and ability. Celebrity hairstylist Jay Wee lends his artistry to create outrageous hairstyles that unveil the rare beauty of models.


Take a look at the complete set of this series as each artist gets playful. Cotton candy tones inspired by the gradient colours of PARCINQ Magazine pop on models Vien, Elys, and Jane as they put on bright paints ranging from pastels to neons.

"Purple is such a fun color and it makes me think of outer space. The northern lights were a big inspiration in creating the waves and form of the look and I’m also a huge fan of asymmetry. I knew that I wanted to create something fun, child-like, which is why I decided to use pastel colors instead of the usual dark intense colors to depict the galaxy. And of course, a dash of glitter, stars, and metallics to complete the look.” - Poi Jakosalem

"When I got the color “Blue” for this feature, I knew I wanted my beauty editorial look to be something organic and inspired by nature. I thought of getting my inspiration from oceans' colors & features — with cool blue & green tones, no defined shape, and rich various resources like pearls. With the help of various pegs from my makeup Inspos, I was able to put together & translate all of these features into one creative look." - Janica Cleto

Nadz COVER.jpg

"When I was a kid, I remember being gifted with the 99 Crayola set for the first time and being immediately drawn to the crayon called "shocking pink". I remember I used it up all the time. I colored with it, and when I sharpened my crayon I would just admire and play with the neon shavings. I don't always love pink, but when I do I make sure it's Shocking. Growing up, painting was also one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoyed it, but I never saw myself as a painter. Doing make-up on people allows me to experiment and play with color using different tools like a brush, or a spatula, even my own hands. It definitely is my favorite form of art. Looking back, I think tiny nads would be excited when she finds out there would come a time when she gets to use "shocking pink" on somebody's eyelids." - Nadynne Esguerra


Featuring Makeup Artists   Poi Jakosalem, Janica Cleto & Nadynne Esguerra
Photography and Creative Direction by   Rxandy Capinpin 

Hair by  Jay Wee 

Crocheted outfits by  Gantsilyo Gwapito

Covers layout and Collage Art by   Joe Andy

Models  Vien/Jane/Elys represented by Farah Models 

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