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10 Asian Heartthrobs You Should 'Meet'

(L-R: Wang Yibo, Ohm Pawat, Sam Lin, Kim Taehyung)

Ever looked at someone and felt your heart skip a beat? Well, that's because this person has charm, charisma, and is just plain gorgeous all rolled into one. Asia is a continent filled with rich culture and an unending stream of beauty types. With so many people from so many different backgrounds, we have been given the bountiful blessing of heartthrobs whose existence alone can brighten up our gloomy, rainy days.

Here are TEN heartthrobs from across Asia that you should get to know (in no particular order):

1. Wang Yibo from China

Hailing from China, Wang Yibo is all the craze. His good looks and charismatic smile are enough to get you screaming, yet he's an all-you-can-enjoy package! From acting, dancing, singing, and rapping, this young man has almost everything! Being a professional motorcycle racer and even now an ambassador for skateboarding — you have your resident cool guy who can shake hearts with his cuteness.

2. Kim Taehyung from Korea

Kim Taehyung has won the "Most Handsome in the World" award a total of three times in the "100 Most Handsome Faces" in 2017, 2018, and 2020. Born in Korea, this man from Daegu has captured the hearts of many through his dancing, acting and singing performances throughout his career as a member of the world-conquering South Korean boy band, BTS. Kim Taehyung, also known by his stage name V, is known as ARMY's huggable teddy bear but can also be as tempting as a dark angel.

3. Daniel Padilla from the Philippines

Daniel Padilla has been collecting hearts since the start of his acting career in 2010. This veteran actor has the charisma on the silver screen and the talent of a musician on stage. Not only can he sing, but he can play bass and guitar as well. From model looks to personality, one look, and you're gone!

4. Hrithik Roshan from India

Known for his soul-catching eyes, Hrithik is one of the highest-paid actors in India. Not only are his acting skills award-winning, but his dancing skills are among the best in the industry as well. One can say he's already a legend in Indian film history. As a veteran actor who has rocked screen for years, he has the looks that can make you scream and the acting talent that could bawl your eyes out.

5. Sam Lin from Taiwan

Sam Lin has been winning fans' hearts ever since he was in the Taiwanese boy group "SpeXial," but it was only just around 2017 when he got into the world of acting. You read that right! Knowing both English and Mandarin, Lin's acting skills are no joke! This actor can have your heart pumping from his handsomeness while aching from the emotion he gives.

6. Đạt Kyo from Vietnam

Fresh into the world of celebrities, Đạt Kyo popped into the limelight as a model. Soon in 2020, he was announced to be the representative for Vietnam in a prestigious international male pageant. Quickly, the hearts of many started falling onto his lap. What's more, is that he has just started his career as a freelance actor. You'll be seeing more of him soon on your TV, not as a model, but as a professional actor!

7. Ohm Pawat from Thailand

This fresh 2000 liner from Thailand started his acting career as a cute boy in 2016. Fast forward to the present, and he's now a full-fledged man that has the crowd throwing their hearts onto his stage! Known for his unique talents as an actor, Ohm Pawat has got a reputation for being an all-rounder and someone who gives off chemistry with every lead actor or actress he performs with — from comedy to Art films and even Romance films.

8. Jefri Nichol from Indonesia

A young actor who started his career way back in 2013. Jefri started his life as an advertising model, but the world had more plans for him! His popularity began to soar immediately after the country saw his potential. Now, he's gained a large following for his unique concepts.

9. JJ Lin from Singapore

In the "Most Handsome" polls all over Singapore, there is a consistent winner: JJ Lin. Beloved by his entire country, this man is a full-fledged multi-hyphenate: singer-songwriter, actor, and record producer mogul. He captures the hearts not only through his looks but through his achievements in life. After winning numerous awards in the music arena, he began to live humbly but ended up being one of the biggest celebrities in the entire country.

10. Fattah Amin from Malaysia

Fattah is a man who knows how to work hard! His mature looks and muscular build have everyone fanning themselves, but what makes you fall for him is how he doesn't know when to give up! As a singer and actor, you'll find him smoothly catching all hearts coming his way through his honeyed vocals and superb acting skills.

In a way, it's a good thing you only have these digital pictures to see all these gorgeous heartthrobs. If you saw them in person, well, you'd be swooning for sure! Someone call the police because these Asian heartthrobs are stealing our hearts from all over the world!



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