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10 Fun Activities to Celebrate Pride Month

It's Pride Month, my friends! The month where we come together as one to celebrate our differences and the impact that LGBTQ+ individuals have made on society. You might be asking, 'Why should I care?' Here are a few reasons why you should: Today is an important opportunity for us to reflect on how far we've progressed and learned more about the role that people of the LGBTQ+ community played in our past.

If you feel like celebrating Pride Month in your own way, but are not sure where to start, we have the perfect list of activities for you!

Binge-Watch LGBTQ+ Movies or Series

A way one can greatly celebrate Pride Month is to develop your knowledge and understanding of the Pride community experiences by watching movies or TV series. There are plenty of lists of fantastic films or series by LQBTQ+ creators that you can watch and discuss with your friends and family.

Workout to your Favorite Gay Anthems

Throughout the years, you can see more and more LGBTQ+ artists flourishing and rising to the spotlight. You can make working out more fun by listening to their songs, blasting your favorite gay anthems, and celebrating while keeping yourself in shape!

Read Books or Comics with LGBTQ+ Themes

If you’re quite the bookworm, why not add a few books or webcomics to your list? There’s so much that highlights LQBTQ+ stories and also those that are written by gay authors too!

Decorate your Home or Room with Pride Month Decorations

You might see Pride spirit all around town or on social media, where people and allies celebrate and embrace their identities and encourage self-love. Do you want to bring such energy and express it in your home? Let’s surround ourselves with such an atmosphere by decorating your house with Pride-themed decorations!

Attend a Pride Parade or Event

Pride parades are a tradition that everyone loves so much that contains a strong community of advocates. It gives you a real sensory experience of what Pride Month is all about. Not only are they a learning experience, but they are much fun too!

Volunteer or Donate to LGBTQ+ Organizations

Another great way to celebrate the month is by giving back to the community by volunteering or supporting LGBTQ+ organizations or community centers by raising money for charity or donating to them. You can choose an organization that works with the problems close to your heart.

Try out Pride Month Trivia

Pride Month Trivias are one of the great ways to celebrate and learn fun facts when it comes to LGBTQ+ history and the Pride movement while enjoying with friends and family. To make it more interesting, one can earn prizes whenever they get something right!

Buy Pride Month Merch

There are so many small businesses around the world that need your support. You can try to look for LGBTQ+ small businesses nearby your local area or ones that are further away from your spot! These can range from fashion brands, artists, and food!

Hangout with your LGBTQ+ Friends or Family

Sometimes there are moments when your friends and family can be too far away, especially during the pandemic. Even with the distance, there’s always a way all of you can hang out and spend the time celebrating together. This can be done virtually with some fun ways to spice things up by doing group activities or playing a game together!

Cook or Bake Rainbow Meals at Home

If you’re into baking and cooking, and eating outdoors isn’t your thing or not allowed at the moment, let’s have some fun by making a pride-themed home-cooked meal! Such would be creating a recipe with many colorful ingredients. There’s always room for dessert afterward so that you can try baking as well! There are many yummy recipes to recreate such as cupcakes, cookies, or cakes!

In the end, Pride Month is more than just a month. It’s when people come together to create something beautiful. You are your own identity and individuality. Wear it proud and loud! Celebrate it well and give yourself the time of your life!



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