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10 Pinoy Tiktok Content Creators Worth Following

Cover Art by Arkeen Perez

Like many other social media platforms, TikTok is more than an app. Aside from being a content creating space dominated by millennials and Gen Z, it is also a promotional tool for content creators, musician, artists, skincare enthusiasts, and many more. We are no strangers to creative challenges such as music choreo, transition videos, challenges, DIY tutorials, etc.

TikTok has produced a number of influencers for emerging online stores and big brands. No thanks to the lockdown, a new wave of TikTok influencers from the Philippines are on the rise. Here’s a quick rundown of 10 Filipino TikTok celebrities you should check out.

10. Fynest China (@fynestchina)

Want a good laugh? Follow for hilarious, creative content.

9. Tyrone Tiaga (@tyronetiaga01)

Easily of the favorites with his originality and creative wits displayed in each content made public.

8. Macoy Dubs (@macoydubs)

His TikTok page is pure satirical vibes. Starting from short Hollywood clips dubbed in Pinoy street vibes to developing his own fictional character, "Auntie Julie."

7. Lyqa Maravilla (@teamlyqa)

As an educator, Lyqa creates creative short video content that is easier to understand and recall. Take it as an extra lesson page.

6. Mitch Unnie (@mitchunnie)

Check out her page for trendy style inspo, cute skits, funny filters, etc. You won't be wrong to refer to her as a TikTok fashionista.

5. Ella Cruz (@queenellacruz)

Are you a fan of KPop? Then, you would love her page as she creatively churns out funny dance videos to promote songs and choreo challenges.

4. Cami Del (@Cami_del)

Asides from being a fluent polyglot, her page is your ideal daily dose of Kpop & BL contents. Kween!

3. Arshie Larga (@arshielife)

Arshie's posts are quite unique. He makes the world of pharmacy relatable by creating amazing content & promoting content against self-medication.

2. Nina Ellaine (@ninaellaine)

Take a keep into the daily life of an entrepreneur. Nina shares the daily minute details of owning a business and the process in which orders are purchased and packaged in an engaging way. Her page is one to watch if you are a budding entrepreneur.

1. Yanya De Jesus (@yanyadejesus1)

His posts consist of creative comedic and dramatic point-of-view TikTok videos. He also excellently uploads dance videos.

Got any favorite Tiktok influencers? Share with us.



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