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10 Strong Filipinas That Defined Their Own Story

What makes a woman? While it's impossible to define what womanhood means to all women, one thing is for sure. It is not the sweet way they talk nor the sundresses they wear, but every women's power to look for a silver lining and embrace greatness amidst chaos and inequality has become their power amongst others.

Since time immemorial, strong women have always taken space in our history, and no matter what happens, they will stand up, own their power, and tell their narratives.

As we celebrate Women's Month, Parcinq Magazine brings you strong-willed women who paved their way and made a mark in the creative industry. From stylists, photographers, celebrities, influencers, and makeup artists, we listed down moments that define their stories.

1. Shaira Luna

From being a gifted child to a pro photographer, Shaira Luna has defied the odds to be where she is right now.

Shaira was first introduced to many Filipinos at an early age as one of the "gifted children" of the iconic Promil TV commercials. People thought she would become a doctor when she took up BS Human Biology, entering De La Salle University at age 13— well, she thought so, too— but she dropped out six years later after shifting to various courses and became a photographer.

Currently, Shaira is pursuing her career as a photographer in Manila. She has embraced her creative side and has become very successful with her aesthetically pleasing take on photography. With her wide range of experience in the fashion industry, she achieved many things shooting celebrities, editorials, and advertisements in the country. Not just that, but also, her style is iconic too!

She proves that women can be what they want and be successful in doing so— that a woman can always take their own course in the journey we call life.

2. Aya Cabautuan

Life is a moving picture, and we are here to take snapshots of it. But for Aya Cabauatan, mere snapshots are not enough.

The 23-years-old artist takes remarkable storytelling through the power of imagery, and you can tell it by her creativity. At a very young age, she has become a household name in the industry, having worked on the most prominent publications in the country.

Aya is undoubtedly on her A-game and is proof that talent does not come with age. Her story and craft are indeed inspiring.

3. Bianca Gonzales

We all know Bianca Gonzales as an editor, writer, advocate, TV Host, and now a creator. But before she became the "Bianca Gonzales" we all love, she had faced a fair share of criticisms.

Bianca Gonzales made her way in the industry with all the odds: Talent, Beauty, and Confidence. However, she never escaped the harmful comments about her dark skin. Throughout her career, her morena complexion has become one of her insecurities.

But being the strong woman that she is, Bianca has embraced her skin color that gave her more power to rise to any occasion. “Hindi ‘kawawa’ ang morena. Hindi dehado, hindi lugi, hindi pangit ang maitim kumpara sa maputi. Tama na ang harmful messaging na yan, please,” Gonzalez said via Instagram

Now, with her podcast, Paano Ba To? She has become the voice of every morena and a guide to every strong woman who needs reminding of her power.

4. Charlie Dizon

At 25-years-old, Charlie Dizon already cemented her name in the creative industry when she bagged the Best Actress award during the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) for her first lead role in Fangirl by Antoinette Jadaone.

But before she became one of this generation's most bankable young stars, she had faced a lot of trials and tribulations in life. Charlie steadily held onto her craft by auditioning for minor roles. In fact, she also almost became a K-Pop trainee!

Charlie proves that it takes perseverance and relentless passion for making your dreams into reality.

5. Bella Poarch

Filipino-American content creator, singer, and social media influencer Bella Poarch is an empowered woman. That is for sure.

Before the 25-year-old became a TikTok sensation, Bella was in the US Navy where she served for three years. Proving that she is more than just a pretty face and can be part of the male-dominated profession.

"I hope that I can inspire people. When I was growing up, I didn't have any role models to look up to. For most people that's their parents, but I knew I wanted to be different when I got older. I was my own role model. So I hope I can be a better role model for the kids like me out there," Bella shared in an interview.

Bella is a true inspiration in breaking the barriers for women.

6. Dimples Romana

Dimples Romana, the actress, host, influencer, and entrepreneur as we know, is defining her moment in the creative industry. As an entrepreneur, she made a new business with her daughter called Calthebrand — a local fashion brand that offers a wide range of bags crafted by local artisans. Inspiration and creativity, Dimples steadily strides through the creative scene.

Also, Dimples is very vocal in her advocacy of empowering women in all walks of life. "To my fellow women who are struggling every day like myself, I want you to know that you're not alone. Being a woman is never easy. But I want you to know that everything's going to be okay. Every day is a struggle, but every day is also a blessing. There are days when it is more difficult to see the good, but don't be tired. Keep your chin up, wear your invisible crown, and keep moving forward," says Dimples.

7. Angel Locsin

Admit it or not, but celebrities are expected to be seen in a certain way in the country. But for our real-life Darna, she is truly an inspiration for the young generation as she broke the mold that society has pushed her into.

From her humanitarian project during the surge of covid-19 to her activism on press freedom and free speech, Angel Locsin has evolved into the real hero she once played on TV.

Angel has also become very vocal on her social media accounts about women's empowerment, bringing light upon young women who idolize her. She fights for women and children by advocating for Gabriela—an organization that advocates for female and child issues.

8. Moira Delatorre

Singer and songwriter Moira Delatorre is an artist we know well. Her songs have a strong emotional resonance when it comes to love, whether for the broken-hearted or for any other form of emotional need. She has a talent for writing about the experience of being human - and those lyrics make her so popular in the music scene. Along with everything else, she's made history on Spotify. Her latest achievement is standing out with her 1 billion streams. She's truly making music history in her own way.

9. Kelsey Merit

The 25-years-old is surely owning herself and mastering her craft in the modeling world. With her big leap in her career as the first Filipina to walk in the Victoria's Secret fashion show in 2018, she truly is an inspiration for young artists.

"Getting the show is the dream come true but being the first Filipino woman to walk in the show means I'm making history," she shared.

But aside from her modeling career, she is also a big believer in getting a college education. Kelsey is not only pure beauty but our it girl also has a degree! In an Instagram post, Merritt shared that she had played with the thought of stopping her degree and focusing on modeling, but looking back after graduating, she's glad she didn't.

Kelsey Merit is a living proof that every woman can do all things if she sets her mind to it.

10. Anthea Bueno

We all know Anthea Bueno, a makeup artist who has a wide range of clients. Her works appear in different advertisements and editorials in the country. With her works with celebrities, she made her way as one of the sought-after makeup artists in the country.

But like everyone on this list, Anthea's journey wasn't easy. Throughout her journey, she faced a lot of problems, but her flame never faltered. Today, Anthea serves as an ambassador of high-end cosmetics brand Laura Mercier after being an affiliate artist for the brand last year. She also works with most of the brands under Rustan's, including luxury brand Chanel.

As we've seen above, these women have vastly different careers, but they all share one purpose – they're breaking glass ceilings in the creative industry. In a place dominated by men, they show the world that women can do it too and do it better. Being visible and powerful is only the start of what these ladies are capable of – it's only a matter of time before they rule the world.



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