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11 Asian BL Series to Watch Out for This 2022

BL bestie, are you done with your watchlist from the first half? Or perhaps, still catching up on other BL series from years ago? We think this is your sign to rush things up as second-half offerings are coming for your time and attention. If you're on the lookout for new recommendations like us, check out our rundown of Asian BL series to look forward to this second half of 2022. From heart-wrenching narratives to light-hearted plots, we've got something for everyone!

The Circumstances of Pungdeok Villa Room 304 (South Korea)

We love to see rich, happy-go-lucky, spoiled lead casts getting kicked out of their mansions to survive on their own and value the meaning of life. This story is just like that. What happens when the main cast meets the owner of the villa he's staying at in his new workplace? How can they blur the line from landlord and tenant, senior and subordinate, to strangers and lovers?

Genre: Romance

Starring: Kim Ji Woong and Yoon Seo Bin

Release Date: TBA, 2022

Coffee Melody (Thailand)

If you love both BL and coffee, then this series is for you. This light-hearted, butterfly-triggering story is about a famous composer who lost passion while embarking on a new project to write a love song. In his search for inspiration anew, the lead meets a handsome barista. Right then, bursts of creativity just flow through and develop into a romance worth following.

Genre: Romance

Starring: Pavel Naret Promphaopun and Benz Panupun Vingjorn

Release Date: July 18 on Viki

CHEAT the Series Season 2 (Philippines)

Your extraordinary, homegrown BL story is coming back later this year. For those who missed the prequel, the series follows an unconventional BL plot with witchcraft and a supernatural backdrop. Themes are centered around stolen innocence, lust, jealousy, and betrayal. All these weaved together in a tightly knit family. Season 1 surprised us with a fresh offering and we can't wait for season 2 to top the goosebumps-level episodes.

Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Thriller, Horror, Romance

Starring: Daryll Rodriguez, VR Relosa, Migo De Vera, Allora Alcantara, and Iyo Canlas

Release Date: December 2022 on Hue TVEverywhere YouTube

Follow The Wind (South Korea)

An adaptation of the same-titled webtoon, it follows the romance between best friends—a vocalist and a band manager. For those OST lovers, reserve a space in your playlist because the drama will feature an exclusive set of OSTs to enhance the mood of each episode as well as your viewing experience.

Genre: Music, Comedy, Romance, School

Starring: Jang Do Yoon

Release Date: TBA, 2022

Papa & Daddy 2 (Taiwan)

A sequel to the series of the same title in 2021, Papa and Daddy 2 tackles a more serious and complex family dynamic brought about by a non-conformist way of living. Issues of surrogacy, having a typical nuclear family, parents' pressure, and unexpected guests from the past make the story compelling to watch. With life's difficulties, follow Damian and Jerry's journey in maintaining their relationship and family.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Starring: Melvin Sia and Chiu Mu Han

Release Date: August 8 on GagaOOLala

Moonlight Chicken (Thailand)

"My dinner at midnight every day is the end of a long day, but also the start of a new day." - Jim

A BL series set around food will surely keep you hungry and coming back for more. See how that one meal from that night brings the cook and customer together into a moment they will never forget.

Genre: Food, Romance

Starring: Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri and Mix Sahaphap Wongratch

Release Date: TBA, 2022 on GMMTV

PhilJie’s Heart (Philippines)

We've seen glimpses of Philip and Benjamin's love story inside the military in A Soldier's Heart. But this time, a side story will be dedicated to their not-so-typical romance. Get your hearts ready for these action-packed PhilJie moments again.

Genre: Action, Military, Romance, Drama

Starring: Jerome Ponce and Yves Flores

Release Date: TBA, 2022 on ABS-CBN

A Shoulder to Cry On (South Korea)

This school-themed web series is really proving the quote, "the more you hate, the more you love." What started with a misunderstanding powered by bluff instantly became a rumor that spread like wildfire. Watch out for how love blossoms in these two foolish guys adapted from the manhwa Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo. In the meantime, you may read the manhwa here.

Genre: Psychological, Romance, Drama

Starring: OMEGA X's Kim Jaehyun and Shin Ye Chan (First leading roles in a drama!)

Release Date: September 2022

In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kaibigan at Ka-ibigan) (Philippines)

The stained relationship of childhood friends Taurus and Otep in In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kumusta at Paalam) brings us to the second installment of the In Between Series. Will they finally take us for a ride through a friends-to-lovers trope or will friendship still prevail?

Genre: Romance, Drama

Starring: Genesis Redido and Migs Villasis

Release Date: TBA, 2022 on USPHTV YouTube

The Ghost and I Becoming Family (Taiwan)

Does a traditional same-sex marriage between a human and a ghost possible? We believe it is in this series. Watch the epic reaction and plot of a police officer who suddenly finds himself getting wed to a ghost without his knowledge. When a human and ghost form a special bond, it will surely unfold out-of-this-world scenes you should watch out for.

Genre: Romance, Supernatural

Starring: Austin Lin and Greg Hsu

Release Date: TBA, 2022

Never Let Me Go (Thailand)

The title of this mafia-themed drama fits the position of the two main characters. One is set to take over the throne as the mafia leader dies, and one is set to protect the new head from the dangers brought by his power—death aimed by another person eyeing the leader's seat. Will they be able to defend the throne and themselves as they fall with each other through their battles? Or one will be forced to let go, which is which?

Genre: Action, Romance, Crime

Starring: Phuwin Tangsakyuen and Pond Naravit Lertratkosum

Release Date: September 2022 on GMMTV

Make sure to set your notifications on for BL updates. Do not miss out on these great offerings this year. Happy watching soon!

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