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11 BL Actors Who Are Fashion Icons According to Netizens

Unlike many people may think, there are just as many fashion icons in the world of Boys Love as there are anywhere else. Fashion-forward BL actors have a creative way of expressing themselves, and they always dress for the occasion. Their sense of individuality is what truly attracts attention — from bold accessories to unique fashion statements, their style is just as important as their acting career.

What do the netizens, or everyday people on the Internet, think of our best boys' style? The list of Fashion Icon BL Actors Picked by Netizens is here!


Cooheart or “Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote” is the latest BL actor that all fans have been talking about. His character in “Love by Chance” still has many people talking about his raw acting, but few fans know that behind his cute smile is a talented actor who can play any role well. Looking at him, it's easy to see why he's referred to as a 'soft boy' as he always dresses in bright pastels and beige colors.

Mew Suppasit

We all know him as the actor who played Tharn in the famous Boys Love drama TharnType The Series. The actor-singer-fashionista has a sophisticated yet playful style that doesn't get old. From his adorable-yet-cool cosplay photos to his ensembles full of personality, Mew stays ahead of the curve by keeping things fresh and fun. His diverse lifestyle is reflected in how he dresses — from college-senior sweater aesthetic to laid-back pieces for weekend getaways.

PP Krit

When it comes to fashion icons, we cannot leave out PP Krit! First making his debut in the BL world with My Ambulance The series, PP Krit made his legendary print on the Thai BL with the groundbreaking series I Told Sunset About You. Outside of playing Oh-Aew, PP Krit has always been ahead of the curve in real life. He’s known for his vibrant, colorful wardrobe but now he’s taking things to the next level with his latest daring looks.

Hur Hyunjun

Since his Kpop days, Hur Hyunjun has always been known for having a fashion sense that sets him apart from others. After the success of his recent BL series Color Rush and a foray into the world of Boys Love, Hyunjun is still rocking his iconic styles— from his favorite fur coats to beautiful lace materials and dark leather outfits, Hyunjun serves the perfect look everyone admires.

Bright Vachirawit

Bright Vachirawit, the star of 2gether: The Series, is undoubtedly the man of our dreams. His laid-back style is a breath of fresh air in this chaotic world. From wearing neutral tones to pops of colorful suits, Bright has done it all. In addition, he is not afraid to express himself by mixing and matching outfits with different color schemes and patterns — dressing up in a checkered suit with a yellow shirt or wearing black pants with a white shirt. And while Bright's charm may be enough to keep us hooked, what really makes us love him are his stylistic views and personality. As per usual, we are thrilled to see him return on screen.

First Chalongrat

First has a laid-back yet stylish fashion sense. He likes to wear comfortable shirts that are loose-fitting at the top, paired with bottoms that are fitted enough to show off his slim waist. He’s not much for excessive patterns, and often likes clean tops with colors that are easy on the eyes.

Captain Chonlathorn

One of the original groundbreakers in Thai BL is Captain Chonlathorn. Already a fashion icon himself in that aspect, Captain has a love for the old days. Stylish retro pieces are the way to go, so expect to see him wearing a lot of denim, football-style jackets, and classic patterned button-ups. His Instagram page will have you feeling like you’ve been transported back in time!

Tay Tawan

Tay Tawan, a member of GMMTV’s four pillars, is not only known for his amazing photography but his taste in clothing as well. This man only has two moods when it comes to fashion: “kind older brother who walks you home” or “mature and classy boss who owns a company”. We all love it when Tay gives us a look donning his loose sweaters and jackets, but we also eat up how he wears a casual-formal set complete with that button lose!

Arm Weerayut

Fashion is not complete without Arm Weerayut. From Friendzone 2, Arm is just full of amazing talents, and one of them is his adept ability in the fashion industry. In his lifestyle program “Arm Share” he displays his styling and fashion for the world to see. He’s styled not only himself but other actors as well. Considering that he also enjoys modeling, Arm is your go-to friend when it comes to clothing tips!

Off Jumpol

Off Jumpol has fashion in his DNA. Just like his forever pair in Boys Love series, Off Jumpol knows what to wear for him to make himself look good! We all know him from Puppy Honey and Theory of Love, but we also know him as someone with a sleek sense of fashion. Off knows his proportions, and he likes to show them off. You'll often see him wearing high-waisted pants to accentuate his long legs. For his tops, his first choice would be a loose-fitting button shirt that often comes in bright and patterned colors.

Gun Atthaphan

Last, but not least, the actor you’ve all been waiting for: Gun Atthaphan! When it comes to Boys Love and fashion, there is no one better than Gun Atthaphan and his partner, Off Jumpol. Fresh off a run of blockbuster films and with an ever-growing list of television appearances, the two Thai actors work together seamlessly — whether they’re on the screen or on the runway. Gun Atthaphan has a love for all things oversized and is constantly rocking the trend.



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