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13 Korean BL Dramas that Cast Kpop Idols and Trainees!

Since 2020, Korean BL has been on the rise, and BL fans are amazed to see the number of Kpop boys involved! Active idols, former idols, and even former trainees, you name it! The participation of these idols indeed sheds light on gay dramas in Korea, pushing their steps towards the normalization and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. So, who are these Idols and Trainees? Let’s take a look!

Semantic Error

“Semantic Error,” rumored to be the best KBL of 2022s first quarter, cast Park Jae Chan, an active member of DONGKIZ, and Park Seo Ham, a former member of KNK who was once a trainee in Big Hit, along with BTS members. Guesting in the series includes DONGKIZ members Kyung Yoon and Kim Jong Hyeong.

Color Rush

“Color Rush” is deemed the most popular KBL of 2020! It casts former idol Hur Hyun Jun, previously known as Hwall from THE BOYZ, and former trainee Baek Seo Hoo who was once selected to debut in TOO after coming in 3rd in “World Klass” idol survival show.

Light on Me

For 2021, the most popular KBL is considered “Light on Me,” with Lee Sae On, a former trainee from Produce 101 Season 2, and two former members of THE MAN BLK, Choe Chan Yi and Go Woo Jin.

Mr. Heart

“Mr. Heart” was one of the first BLs of 2020, featuring Han Se Jin, a KBL icon who participated in two KBLs and a gay MV. He was a trainee who entered Produce X 101. Another member of THE MAN BLK, Cheon Seung Ho, became his co-star.

Tinted with You

“Tinted with You,” one of the rare Historical KBLs, had Park Jun Hee, or Jun, an active idol from A.C.E.

Where Your Eyes Linger

“Where Your Eyes Linger” was the KBL that started the KBL wave back in 2020! It starred Han Gi Chan, a former Kpop trainee from Produce X 101 and a KBL pioneer, and guested Cheon Seung Ho from Mr. Heart.

To My Star

“To My Star” is a series many people consider iconic for 2021 and is even due for a sequel! It stars Son Woo Hyun, a former member of X-5, and Kim Jin Kwon, the leader of NEWKIDD.

Oh Boarding House

“Oh Boarding House” is a fresh 2022 KBL that’s quickly garnering the audience’s attention. Featuring in this series is Ho Jin, the main vocalist of 2Z.

You Make Me Dance

“You Make Me Dance” is a short, romantic KBL that featured Lex or Jeon Hyung Min, a vocalist and dancer in BIGFLO.

Wish You

“Wish You” has one of the best KBL OSTs, which makes sense since it’s about music! It contains Kang In Soo, who debuted in MYNAME, and Lee Sang in IMFACT.

Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding

“Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding” is the first Historical KBL after 2020! It cast many familiar actors like Han Se Jin from Mr. Heart and Kang In-Soo from Wish You.

The Tasty Florida

“The Tasty Florida” was a soft KBL with Kim Yoo Hwan, a former member of SPEED, Choi Cae Hoon, or ZeZe, a former member of LEDAPPLE and BEAT4, and lastly Yoo Seung Jun, a former member of MR.MR.

Ocean Likes Me

For the grand finale, we have upcoming “Ocean Likes Me,” where HOLLAND, the first openly gay Kpop Idol in Korea, announced his first BL series co-starring Han Gi Chan from Where Your Eyes Linger.

Special mention:

NCT’s Jaehyun was supposed to be cast a lead role in a remake of the iconic film “Bungee Jumping of Their Own”; however, it was later canceled due to the writer’s religious beliefs.

With one Korean BL at a time, these idols and trainees take a stand with their active roles in the dramas and push towards normalization! With so many upcoming Korean BLs flooding this year of 2022, who do you think would be the next one to participate in a KBL? Can’t wait to watch them all!



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