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1ST.ONE on Music Evolution, Groundbreaking Comeback, and Working with CHECK

P-Pop sensation 1ST.ONE delivers a grand comeback with Problem Child, working with Korean company CHECK which has worked with notable K-Pop legends BTS, BlackPink, and EXO for its 20 million budget music video, as they undergo the most intense filming and high-quality production that the P-Pop industry has ever seen.

‘Problem Child’ is a music video that goes beyond their multi-million budget. While the music video is strong and grand, it goes beyond that as Problem Child fearlessly breaks down not only the cinematic standards of p-pop but the "norms" with its fearless lyrics, strong choreography, and angsty vibe to send across their message. These boys are on a mission to shake and change the PPOP industry and take it to the next level.

Executing an immensely groundbreaking comeback in the ever-evolving industry of Philippine Pop (P-Pop) music, 1ST.ONE raised the standard as they released a 20 million budget music video directed by Korean company CHECK which has worked with K-Pop legends BTS, EXO, and BlackPink. The group’s song Problem Child tackles one of the most perplexing topics ever handled in the genre.

As part of the conceptualization of the song, 1ST.ONE has considered how they were able to provide a lasting impact and convey very important messages with their art. Here, they chose to focus on worldly matters, which, in the case, are the existence of inequality in a system that society has built.

One of the P-Pop sensation’s rappers, J, shared, “We wanted to greatly convey the message that in a world filled with such manipulated systems, we would rather rise up as villains or vigilantes in order to make things right. We wanted to inspire people to hopefully do the same and help make the world a better place.”

He further added that when they found out that their Filipino team will be headed by CHECK, they knew that they were in the best hands for the reason that, with such a remarkable team, they will be able to translate their message more, saying that the Korean company went above and beyond their expectations.

With such an impressive collaboration, The group’s leader, Ace, has detailed how such an experience added a little pressure to do well but still pushed through with their undeniable talent, describing how it was both heaven and hell in terms of being the best experience and the most intense they have ever shot.

“They were like big brothers indeed, kind but really strict at the same time. We're very happy that we worked with them since they pushed us in many ways to exceed our limits,” Jayson, the group’s maknae, recalled.

Walking on a different set than what they were used to, Joker, the P-Pop sensation’s main vocal, states how everything felt surreal. He reminisced about the start of their career and how, in the past, they had limited resources to create quality music videos for their fans.

As CHECK has an amazing line of work collaborating with idols who are on top of their game, it has truly validated the indescribable charisma and fierce persona of 1ST.ONE. Jayson opened up about how during the shoot, the company didn't make them feel like they were different from all the past clients or artists that they have worked with.

“Actually, we really think we're not yet on par with our idols. We're fortunate to have worked with the team that has collaborated with them as it motivated and inspired us a lot. We're going to take all of these lessons and experiences and use them as we take more huge steps forward and continue to grow in this journey,” he further discusses.

One of 1ST.ONE’s rappers, Alpha, mentioned that everything was impressive in CHECK’s production, however, what really stood out for him was the passion and the fire that they put into their craft.

As the Korean company stepped in to make Problem Child’s elaborate music video, the group’s main vocalist, Max, shared how the intensity of the filming became one of the differences he noticed when you compare it to a Filipino production, stating that the latter was “already intense but CHECK brought things to another level.”

He reiterates, “They were very detailed when shooting our scenes. I think the first scene alone, we shot over 50 times just to perfect it. Another was the dance sequences we weren’t able to count anymore, maybe dancing for a total of like 48-72 hours or doing the choreography about 200 times during the whole shoot. Our costumes were drenched with sweat for real but it was worth every second. We felt like we were swords being forged in a volcano.”

1ST.ONE truly has an impressive evolution, entering such a huge chapter in their career which they are very excited to gift to their fans, the For.Ones. “We're just very excited for them to see the final product of our blood, sweat, and tears,” Jayson expressed.

Certainly, with such growth, the future of the group is bright and they are now ready to do more concerts, performances, and endorsements. Nevertheless, above all, 1ST.ONE aims to collaborate with all their fellow P-Pop artists, treating it as one of the more crucial steps to really bring the genre to a more “explosive scale.”

“All our P-Pop groups are great and we really want to collaborate with all of them. Maybe to start things off, we want to create something amazing with our sister group DIONE and our brothers from SB19,” Alpha shares.

Making sure that Filipino talents still take part in the groundbreaking music video, First One Entertainment’s Artist Management and Brand Partnership head Gion Santiago expresses his gratitude to 4reel production headed by Direk Lua Swish.

Furthermore, he is also grateful for all the help of John Paul Aspa for content supervision, Mega Magazine Fashion Director Ryuji Shiomitsu and his team for styling the idols, Miguel Quilang, Joaquin Rodrigo, Naveena Abdurajak, the skillful costume designers Bea Guerrero and Austeen Soriano, Filipino designer Kaye Morales, for the impeccable hair and makeup, the talented Edward Caballero and KC Andrade.

Republic Of Korea Production Team



Executive Producer : PARK WON BIN


Visual Effects / Motion Design : KANG HYUN WOO





Sound Supervisor : OH HONG SEOK

Management Consulting : YANG EUN YU

1ST.ONE released Problem Child on January 31, 2023, and is now streaming through Spotify, Apple Music, and other music platforms. Meanwhile, its high-budget music video was uploaded on 1STONE’s official YouTube channel.



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