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1st.One’s Jayson Might Just Be P-pop’s Biggest Swiftie

If you were to challenge P-pop’s 1st.One member Jayson to name five Taylor Swift songs in just 10 seconds, you’d find him unable to comply. Why? Because in that short span, he’d effortlessly rattle off more than five songs, proving how big of a Swiftie he is! 

One time, he even had a bio on his social media with lyrics from the award-winning singer’s song “Mirrorball,” stating, “I’m still on my tallest tiptoes,” and witnessed the “most iconic comeback” of the music industry, Swift’s “reputation” era.

Need more evidence? Here are additional instances from various social media platforms that showcase Jayson’s biggest Swiftie side.

His captions are very Swiftie-coded

From song titles to lyrics, Jayson has them all memorized, infusing his posts with Swiftie magic. 

And his videos?

With Taylor’s songs as background music, 1st.One's bunso's photos and videos look so dreamy and exude major boyfriend vibes. 

He certainly knows all-things Swift

Jayson knows every single Swift thing! Truly a Swift aficionado through and through. 

He even joins TS trending challenges!

From TikTok dances to album cover challenges, Jayson surely knows how to make them work.

Having a friend (or idol) like Jayson, whose passion for Taylor Swift knows no bounds, is an absolute must for any Swiftie. With his energy both on and off stage as a P-pop idol, coupled with his knowledge of all things Swift, Jayson embodies the ultimate companion for sharing in the joy of Taylor Swift’s music.



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