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3 Times Irene and Snoop Are Still the Chaotic Duo in 2024

In showbiz, where scripts dictate narratives and love teams are carefully crafted, an unexpected pairing emerged that exceeded all expectations. 

Enter Snoop Manansala and Irene Tiu, brought to life by the performances of Anthony Jennings and Maris Racal in the Netflix and Kapamilya Online Live Primetime series “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Their chemistry has left viewers eagerly anticipating the twists their on-screen relationship might take. Remember their “Mama mo, mama ko” banter from last year? They’ve got equally funny scenes in the series that follow, and they continue to *barda* in 2024!

“Gugol mo!”

The list begins with Irene taking Snoop inside her van to ask for a favor, essentially assigning Snoop a secret commissioned job—buying her liquor every now and then. 

The scene left many viewers questioning what “Erna” is (IYKYK), and had everyone “IJBOL-ing” on Snoop’s “gugol” (Google) pronunciation. 

“Super Snoop or Super Poop?”

And yes, Snoop took the job! Their first drink together turned chaotic, and Irene’s laughter seemed to flow naturally—Maris is that you? But that “Thanks, poop” line from her warms our hearts so much. SnoRene end game!

And as the story unfolds:

“5 Kiyaw”

The morning after, both Snoop and Irene woke up with no recollection of the previous night. Before this scene, the two, inebriated, found themselves sleeping in Snoop’s room (although nothing ever happened, ‘ano nga bang nangyari talaga’).

However, Snoop still needed his “5-kiyaw” (5k pesos), leading Irene to humorously dispose of him with garbage-filled trash bags. Don’t worry, Snoop, Irene’s just being coy!

As “Can’t Buy Me Love” reveals more surprises, Snoop and Irene embark on an unpredictable journey. Navigating through mysterious favors and chaotic drink nights, one thing is evident—their comedic escapades are far from over…and we want more!



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