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5 Fresh Stars in Pinoy TikTok You Should Follow

If you want to try a hand at becoming famous, TikTok has become one of the best platforms to get your content out there! There are many big names out there that started from TikTok. From Bella Poarch to Jorge Jahnke, there is no end to their name in fame.

But as time passes, more rookie TikTokers are added to the list. Who is next to rise to the top? Check out the 5 fresh stars in Pinoy TikTok you need to follow!

Fresh Stars in Pinoy TikTok

Drei Gaspar (@dreigaspar)

Drei Gaspar is a TikToker that provides unique content that only someone with his background as a voice actor can do. With Drei’s wittiness and creativity, he creates comedic scenarios on Filipino culture, music, and a wide range of fandoms. From Dungeons and Dragons, Anime, and Western Fiction, and Fashion, Drei’s got it all!

Rain went viral for her popular TikToks as a Filipina trophy wife, gaining the hearts of followers with her funny content. However, she’s also associated with GMA Network and is working as a TV Host and actress. You can catch her acting as Ashley in her latest Filipino series Luv is Caught in His Arms.


PGAG on TikTok gives us extremely high-quality videos. The platform is managed by a media news company of Filipinos dedicated to making Pinoys smile with their comedic videos based on Filipino culture. After going viral for conyo vendors, TikTok users find that they’re also a big Facebook page!

Owen Miguel Comaya (@owencomaya)

Owen is still quite young, but with the help of his clean and smooth video editing, he went viral for his eye-catching and relatable content. He first went viral for making an edit of eating the food from their store, and now he provides funny Filipino content on his interests and experiences. If you dig deeper, you’ll find he’s also into music.

If you’re into Kpop, you probably know about the virtual Kuya, Bert! Bert is a Pinoy content creator mostly known for his iconic speaking voice and his Kpop content. Not only is he an avid fan, but he also raises controversial topics to raise awareness, and sometimes this comes with a little dance.

New stars enter the world of influencers and celebrities every day. Each content creator is different, and they’re all loved by the fans for the unique interests they share. That’s all for the 5 Fresh Stars in Pinoy TikTok! Did your favorite TikTok creator make it to the list? Who is your next bet?

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