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5 Maymay Entrata's Outfits That We Totally Love And Would Definitely Cop

Banner Art by Mark Baccay

Maymay Entrata is a force to be reckoned with. Her music is top-notch, her dance moves are even better, and she has a charisma that's difficult to ignore. When netizens and her fans aren't discussing the hot new music video she drops or which of her songs has the best beat, they're most likely posting about her impeccable fashion sense. We've all seen Maymay Entrata prove that she knows what good style is — even when she's in the most laid-back outfits, she still pulls off iconic looks.

Below, we've picked out five outfits that highlight Maymay's versatility and style aesthetic. Keep reading, and let us know which style is your favorite!

1. Red Ensemble is a must!

For Maymay, any day is a great day to perform, whether it's for a small crowd or a major concert. The pop star complements her long, dark hair with a fiery all-red getup. Her outfit is completed by classic white sneakers that, when paired with the outfit, really help her stand out on stage.

2. Grunge Is Screaming

The 'Amakabogera' music video has left us in awe. The singer's grunge ensemble includes a black skirt, fishnets, and her iconic tulle top. It finishes it all off with the look that she’s come to be known for, the Amakabogera look.

3. Opt for laidback outfits

The trend these days is for outfits that are both comfortable and chic. Maymay Entrata has made laidback ‘fits more stylish and cool! She mixes sweatpants with a vintage longline tee, and sneakers to create a fashionable look that’s also incredibly comfy.

4. Rock with Y2k outfit

We totally love the Y2k look; it's both on-trend and nostalgic. It's no wonder that fashionable pieces like band shirts, high-waisted jeans, and vintage pieces are back in full force. Take Maymay Entrata, for example. She put together a look that we are all in love with! Vintage crop tee, denim and grungy belts are all key staples.

5. Monochrome and details are love

We can’t deny how awesome monochrome outfits are. We also have to admit that we love them. For performers, the outfit is something they should wear to make a splash. Maymay’s performance outfits are no exception. With this in mind, she rocked a monochrome outfit with amazing details, plus animal-themed innerwear to match her ‘fit.



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