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5 P-Pop Girl Group Songs that Scream Girl Power!

March is women’s month! And there’s no better way to kick off the 31 days of “girl power celebration" than listening to some of the fast-rising P-Pop girl groups. No matter if it’s an empowered girl crush track or something that harkens back to P-Pop’s bubblegum pop, these songs will surely help you validate yourself as a woman who can do great things.

In this list, you might just find your “girl power” anthem!

Boomerang - G22

The female alphas have once again set the P-Pop scene on fire with a high-impact track, Boomerang. Staying true to their “girl power” branding, G22’s anniversary comeback song challenges gender roles amidst being in a man’s world.

Love Yourself - BINI

BINI remains unstoppable with Love Yourself. This track speaks about body positivity and self-love. And the nation’s girl group wholeheartedly performs to remind you that you are worthy, you are free– and that’s for sure is real magic.


KAIA is here, and they’re the ones to tell you that believing in yourself is the first step to having even better things in life. They encourage you to follow your dreams amidst uncertainties in this bouncy, uplifting track. Kaya!

Break You Down - DIONE

Queens, and no one’s going to break DIONE’s crown! With Break You Down, the quartet is telling you how to rise up strongly like royalty. They’re certainly breaking free from those that cut their wings to fly.

Head Up - Baby Blue

You're not alone, says Baby Blue in this inspiring song, Head Up. The girls of MNL48's subunit want to forward a message of genuine friendship and hope. Keep your head up and just look up to the sky!

You might also want to add the following:

Strings - BINI

Defy - G22

Don't Have Time - Calista

Para - YARA

Girl Gang - R Rules

March is your month! Make it better by adding these empowering songs to your playlist. Happy Women's Month!



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