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6 Shows To Watch if You're a Fan of Netflix's Hit Series "Squid Game"

The satisfaction of watching spine-tingling, mind-boggling series or movies gives us a certain feeling that makes our hands sweat. Admit it; we love the adrenaline these shows and films give us while watching!

Just like Netflix's latest hit series, "Squid Game" which has been, by far, secured the top spot in the rankings of top series on the streaming platform.

"Squid Game" is about a secret survival game with a 45.6 billion prize for the winner that opens doors and unites different people who need one thing: MONEY.

The thrilling series satisfied the viewers not just for the shock value of its gore and mayhem, but for its overall production — from the actor's performance and art direction that made us stayed glued onto our seats the whole nine-part series.

If you're still stuck on finding a good movie or series after watching "Squid Game", we've got a couple of recommendations for you. Rather than a slow-paced film, we suggest a few action-packed offbeat movies that will have you on the edge of your seat with their intense storylines and loads of blood and gore.

1. BATTLE ROYALE. This movie is notable for being one of the first J-horror movies that became iconic in its own right, as well as controversial due to its depiction of violence committed by high school students. "Battle Royale" is about a government experiment that forces students to kill one another in order to graduate.

2. AS THE GODS WILL. A Japanese horror film released in 2014, based on a manga series of the same name. It is a story about Shun Takahata, a simple high school student living a boring life until one day, he is forced to play a game of death and has no other choice but to win each game to stay alive. If you're a fan of this film genre, then I highly suggest that you watch it.

3. ALICE IN BORDERLAND. Another Japanese suspense-thriller hit on Netflix. The story follows a gamer and his two friends who are transported to a parallel reality in Tokyo where they are forced to play sadistic games for their lives. With unprecedented twists and turns, Alice in Borderland will have you looking at your own city in a different way.

4. CINDERELLA GAME. The 2016 Japanese film is about a girl who followed her deceased sister’s dream of becoming a top idol. After her idol group was disbanded, Aya's dream of becoming a famous pop star was snatched away from her. Kidnapped and taken to an island, she meets other kidnapped idols who are also forced to participate in deadly card battles against one another. If their team loses the game, they die. All for the entertainment of the wealthy fans watching them on TV back home. If you like films with ideas like that, you won't regret it if you watch it, so get on it!

5. ME AND 23 SLAVES. 24 people participate in an international game show that is set in a TV reality series. The participants are equipped with what is called "SCM", which can be used to turn other players into slaves.

6. Your Turn To Kill- a 2019 Japanese suspense thriller series about a newly married couple who moves into a new home and is sucked into their neighbour's life swap mystery. The series dives into their neighbour's game with twists and turns until it all comes crashing down.

Now it's time to get cozy with your blankets and binge-watch these films!



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