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6 Tear-jerking Moments in Thai BL Series

Warning: This article might contain spoilers.

We cannot deny the growing popularity of Thai BL (Boy’s Love) series here in the Philippines. Since the pandemic started, some would say that these series have become their lockdown buddies. With its popularity increasing by the day, demands to create our own is evident. Take for example the phenomenal “Gameboys The Series” from The Ideafirst Company, “Gaya Sa Pelikula” from Globe Studios, and many others in the works.

But what makes Thai BL series appealing to us Filipinos? As I dig deeper, I came to realize that these stories are no strangers to us at all. We have been watching series of this kind since God knows when. Our parents spent weeknights watching Mexican telenovelas. We all fell in love with characters from K-dramas. And in real life, if you are lucky enough, you get to experience a romantic kind of relationship. The theme of these series is that four-letter word we all can relate to regardless of gender—LOVE.

Set aside the problematic tropes and lack of representation of members of the LGBTQ+ community on these BL series, which has already been heavily discussed and debated, we can all agree that Thai BL series at its core talks about love—the kind we all know and want, regardless of the heartbreak that comes with it. Filipinos take pleasure in shows that pull heartstrings, on tearjerkers, and on melodramas. In other words, we enjoy hurting ourselves by letting these series instill emotions for us to feel vulnerable.

On that note, we are giving you some memorable heartbreaking scenes from Thai BL Series:

1. Theory of Love (Episode 11) – Who would have thought that missing a train can be this heartbreaking? This scene is so remarkable that it stayed in the hearts of BL fans even after the series ended. Gun Atthaphan and Off Jumpol’s heartfelt performance on this scene had everyone weeping.

2. SOTUS (Our Skyy Episode) – Who is not afraid to be separated from the person you love? A long distance relationship (LDR) is full of uncertainty—it can either solidify your relationship or destroy it. This scene pierced the hearts of everyone and made you want a warm hug after. SOTUS is arguably one of the best Thai BL series with its sensible storyline. Not to mention, it gave us Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat, tagged as the ‘royal couple’ of Thai BL universe.

3. Dark Blue Kiss (Episode 11) – This scene is so painful to watch that fans had to pause to breathe. Do you know that feeling when you see your ex for the first time after a really bad breakup and both of you are tiptoeing and finding the right words to check on each other? When both of you just wanted to say, “I still love you”. Tay Tawan and Newwiee Thitipoom’s awkwardness towards each other in this scene made us feel that.

4. He’s Coming to Me (Episode 8) – Ever wished you had more time to spend with the love of your life? Fans cried buckets of tears on this send-off scene and wished more time for the characters. This BL series tells a unique story of a college student who fell in love with a boy who passed years ago. Another great portrayal from Singto Prachaya, and this time he was paired with Ohm Pawat, an equally seasoned BL actor.

5. Until We Meet Again – This is probably one of the most emotional series that ever graced the Thai BL universe. With an ensemble of great actors and a love story that transcends a lifetime, Until We Meet Again is easily a favorite amongst BL fans. The scene where both characters chose to end their life because of disapproving parents gave fans a shock of a lifetime.

6. I Told Sunset About You Episode 5 – The best BL series ever. Fight me! In fact, this is beyond the realm of BL. A coming-of-age series that tackles love, friendship, and dreams. I will not discuss how this series is such a masterpiece as that calls for a separate article. Each episode has given us its fair share of heartbreaking scenes that I cannot even pick which is the best. But the scene where Teh hears how Bas can proudly express his feelings towards Oh-Aew is so heartbreaking. Everything is unfolding right in front of him and all he can do is watch silently and cry. Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit captured the hearts of every BL fan with their remarkable performance.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 Comment

Nigel Escudero
Nigel Escudero
Feb 23, 2021

Hi! I am not sure if the information I have is real or the truth, but I heard that I Told Sunset About You, the company who produce this masterpiece did not name or call it "BL" because for them they believe that "love is for all". Educate me please if I am wrong. I am glad to be corrected for my sake so that I do not spread false information.

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