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7 P-pop Artists and Groups Who Are Totally Rocking Their Outfits

P-pop is on the rise. With the music industry on the brink of something new, P-pop groups and artists are taking over and making a mark. New sounds are invading the airwaves, and 2021 may be one of the biggest years for OPM. P-pop groups are becoming more popular, and solo singers are paving their way to stardom. We’ve seen many P-pop and solo artists who are really good at what they do, but not only that; they’re stylish too — bringing the hottest and coolest outfits that scream FASHION.


The music these eight girls make is great, so is their style. From goth, modern, and young to the most stylish and colorful outfits, BINI has done it all with perfect execution.


Chic and classy, gen-z artist Zephanie personifies the voice of the new generation. We’ve seen on Insta her bomb outfits, from the iconic Y2k and preppy OOTDs, and yes, we all love it!


SB19 is surely acing sporty, fun, and street-style outfits for the past year. Since they took over the music scene, we can’t deny that we can’t get over how they make the most iconic ensembles.


We all know that BGYO is stylish. With their cool and iconic fashion sense, we’re in awe of how they put together outfits while being the cool boys of P-pop.


Alamat is a P-pop boy group that proudly wears outfits that personify their music. Their style is a homage to their culture, and the eight boys of the group are keeping in sync with that, whether it's from their shows or their music videos.

AC Bonifacio

AC Bonifacio has a distinctive sense of fashion; even the smallest alterations make all the difference. Her curated outfits always have a strong color palette and are eye-catching, but classic enough to suit any venue. AC's looks are always on point, and we cannot wait to see more of them!

Darren Espanto

Asia's Pop Heartthrob Darren Espanto is undoubtedly making the stage go wild with his music and, of course, with his outfits. We’ve seen him evolve ever since he started his career, but to this day, we have to admit that we’re always amazed by how he rocks his iconic looks on or off stage.



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