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7 Reasons You Should Stan Our Anniversary Issue Cover Stars TAN

When the Hallyu wave first hit its rounds in the 2000s, many of the OG groups then laid the foundation for the present-day explosion now. It started with a contained popularity for niche audiences until slowly K-Pop was able to gradually surpass the international barriers. And, now, it's seemingly everything everywhere all at once in our year 2022, with many newcomers gearing up for their time in the spotlight.

And one of these groups today is TAN, short for “To All Nations.” Composed of Changsun, Taehoon, Jiseong, Sunghyuk, Jaejun, Hyunyeop, and Jooan, TAN is an idol group formed through the MBC survival competition show “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol.” They debuted with the song “Du Du Du” earlier this year on March 10, 2022. But, beyond their surface, this group of dreamers is due for a bloom, a rise—giving us all the more reason to stan harder.

So, before you head into their main cover story, here's a quick deep dive into our Anniversary Issue cover stars. Whether you're a current fan (SODA) or just finding out about them now, allow us to give you the 411 on all the TAN 101. Here are the 7 reasons you should get into TAN now.

1. None of them gave up on their dreams.

One of the most important qualities of the group is their passion. As the name suggests, TAN went through extreme challenges in their time at The Wild Idol, a survival competition like no other. Set in an outdoor boot camp, contestants were not only tested on their singing, dancing, and rapping abilities, but they also went through rigorous physical training to reach the “top of the food pyramid” to earn a chance at debuting.


It was both physically and mentally demanding for the members of TAN, who ultimately reached the final line-up from the initial 45 contestants. Yet, through each challenge, they strived harder and never gave up in the process. Even through the rollercoaster of emotions, we witnessed firsthand how big their passion truly is for their dreams. And that’s something we’ll always love and respect about the group.

2. Each member has their own story to tell.

At the start of The Wild Idol, every contestant was stripped of their name and referred to by number. They were told not to ask each other’s names, ages, or anything about their past. This is to put every trainee on an equal footing without bias. But, if we actually dig deep into each TAN member, we see they all have their own story and purpose for their debut.


Some came from past groups before disbandment. Some have long been trainees waiting for their chance. Meanwhile, there were even others who came from other competition shows. Each member has a story to tell, but the common thing about them all is: Their love for performance trumps whatever past they’ve had. So, whether they’re doing it for the first or second time, they only looked forward to debuting in TAN and taking a shot at their passion.

3. Their music is incredibly refreshing.

A few months after The Wild Idol, TAN worked hard to prepare for their debut until, eventually, they came out with “Du Du Du.” A smooth yet hard-hitting track that opens with acapella and a simple finger snap, then increases its momentum with some base and solid vocal performance. And this debut track is indicative of the rest of their discography in its mood and feel.


What truly hooks you into TAN’s music is the refreshing energy they give off. It reminds me of second-generation K-Pop tracks with their groovy beats and slick vocals. They provide enough hook to keep you reeling, add some old-school flair for the nostalgia, and mix in a bit of something maximalist and dance-based than just trying to be “cool.” Each song is a perfect backdrop to a performance and makes you feel giddy to listen to. But this is not to say I’m caging in their music! Tracks like “Walking on the moon,” “Our Youth,” and “Sing with you” add variety to their repertoire. And it’s exciting to see what they will come out with next!

And did I mention they’re also just as involved in their music? In their recent Civil War series, TAN split into two subunits: One being with Jooan, Sunghyuk, Hyunyeop, and Taehoon, and the other with Changsun, Jaejun, and Jiseong. These subunits released tracks by the members themselves, and the shooting took place in different parts of the Philippines!

4. Their passion comes out in all their performances.

I know it's the bare minimum for idols to be great at performances with all the training they've gone through, but I can't help but be in awe of the energy TAN gives off. This may be in part of being rookies or reeling from the survival show background. Whatever it is, TAN genuinely looks like they want to be on stage and are happy with what they're doing.


It may sound simplistic of a reason, but I think it goes a little deeper than that. When you see people being passionate, you also feel just as strongly in response because happiness can be passed on. As an audience member, you can't help but get swept into the wave of good vibes they give off. And I know we're yet to see bigger and better stages from the group in the future, but from what I've seen so far, they give it their all and their passion bleeds into the performance. And I, for one, am excited about their next chapters.

So, for now, as we all wait and see what's next, I want to direct all your eyes to the suit dance performance of their debut song that's been stuck on my replay.

5. They’re goofy, friendly, and overall, down-to-earth.

Aside from what we can see through a screen, something I want to highlight is the first-hand experience of meeting them. Although cover shoots can be incredibly hectic, the TAN members always had a smile on their faces. They were always incredibly friendly to anyone and everyone. They remained their goofy and happy selves, as seen on clips from their YouTube channel. And overall, they didn’t let the language barrier come in between—even spitting out some Tagalog phrases to charm the PARCINQ team.


If they were asked for something for the shoot, they were always ready to go at it in full force and try their best. Even when there would be some troubles with language, they were always patient and willing to sit through understanding what was trying to be said. They were even sincerely interested in learning about the culture and food during their time in the Philippines—a fact I’ll always feel proud about.

6. There’s a genuine bond in the group.

Despite all the members coming from different backgrounds, they all have a bond going on. There’s a chemistry to them! And to me, it comes off as very genuine. A bond is something you can’t fake at all, and I witnessed firsthand that they are genuinely close to each other. They’re almost a year into their debut, and although they didn’t exactly spend their trainee days together, it doesn’t seem that way at all.


This may be partly because after the survival show, they lived in a dorm straight away but living together doesn’t equate to getting close off the bat. When I watch their behinds and vlogs, they all seem like they’re having fun and are good friends. This, saying their strength is truly their teamwork.

7. Above all else, they love their fans and treat them as equals.

Something I’ve noticed with TAN is that they’re incredibly close to their fans, the SODAs. They’re always providing updates, whether in posts, pictures, or videos. They’re always working hard to interact with the SODAs and bring a smile to their faces.


Ultimately, they’re incredibly dedicated and thankful for all the support they’ve been receiving. In the same way that their sincerity bleeds through the screen and in IRL interactions, they bring that same sincerity to their fans. They have a lot of heart, and I can see that with them.

I mean, you can even check out their Twitter to see what I mean. Or listen to their official fan song calledMy Girl — a.k.a. the most adorable music video I’ve seen in a while.

Almost one year into their debut, TAN is still going at it with the same determination they’ve had from the start. And this is just a primer to truly getting into what they’re like as a group and individuals.

Get to know more about TAN when you check them out in our VOL.2 FOURTH QUARTER Issue. Pre-order your copy now via

------------- Full Credits:


Photography by RXANDY CAPINPIN

Art Direction by JOE ANDY


Fashion Film by IAN FRANCISCO

Camera Operator POGS FRANCISCO


Shot on Location B&B STUDIOS

Ranque Styling Team

Head Stylist MARK RANQUE

Associate Stylists SUYA LEE, JIYONG PARK




Hair and Make-Up by NARIN KIM and DAYEONG LEE

Project Coordination by MA. ESTELA LUCENA NERI

Interview Translations by HANNAH GRACE BALTAZAR

Special Thanks to ShowBT Korea, SBTown, and Think Entertainment.



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