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8 P-Pop Idols To Follow On Instagram For Your OOTD Inspo

Looking for an ootd inspo for your next gala with friends? Tired of scrolling down your Pinterest feed for some pegs? Well, look no further because we listed 8 P-Pop Idols who know how to steal the fashion scene. From formal to street-style casual looks, these idols effortlessly pull off different styles and looks that we can cop.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite P-pop artists stepping up their OOTD game.

1. G22’s Jaz

If you’re looking for something sexy and sassy style, then Jaz is your muse! She never fails to serve us with chic visuals even in just a casual fit.

How to steal the look: Ready your coords and then pair them with knee-high boots for an edgy look. Remember in this outfit, we don’t walk – we strut.

2. R Rules' Risa

Next on the list is another IT girl, R Rules' Risa. Her OOTDS often involve playful patterns and colors. She’s totally rocking the Y2K vibe on her looks.

How to steal the look: Wear a mini dress, and white sneakers, and top it off with a cute bucket hat. Then you’re all set to go on a beach trip with your friends!

3. MNL48's Sheki

MNL48’s Sheki is a master of a soft girl core vibe because of her dainty and casual looks on IG. Look how floral patterns compliment her well!

How to steal the look: Feel preppy by matching a bra top and floral flared pants (a maxi skirt looks cute too).

4. PPOP Gen's Madz

Madz radiates a girl-next-door vibe in how she mixes and matches cute yet sexy outfits. We love her confidence!

How to steal the look: Wear a graphic crop top and mini skirt with neutral colors. This simple and cute OOTD is the perfect go-to casual look for a museum date!

5. VXON's Franz

Can we all agree that Franz’s fashion sense is something else? From sweet to edgy every style suits his charming personality.

How to steal the look: Get the campus crush vibe by wearing a suede sweater, trousers, and a beret!

6. SB19's Felip

Felip a.k.a Fashion Influencer of the Year shows his edgy fashion style from baggy pants, leather jackets, and layerings. I mean, Felip took the "straight out of a manga" seriously.

How to steal the look: Unleash your inner rock star by wearing all black from head to toe. Pair your black blazer with a loose fit- black leather pants and complete it with a white bucket hat for a street style.

7. Alamat's Jao

Jao is our style icon. He loves to experiment with colors and textures that are completely on-point. He never misses wearing sleek accessories that definitely add up to his charismatic and edgy look.

How to steal the look: Put on a fuzzy jacket, white pants, and white sneakers, and finish the look by adding some hot glasses to jazz it up.

8. BGYO's Mikki

One word to describe Mikki’s fashion style – is versatile. His outfits will catch your eye whether it is street, luxurious, or casual.

How to steal the look: For a laidback look, opt to pair your long patterned sleeves with jeans or your trousers and a black oversized jacket.

Which fashionable P-pop idol is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, besties!



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