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A Solid Decade of Beauty & Excellence: Clinica De Beleza Reaches its 10-year Milestone

From Humble Beginnings to a Symbol of Aesthetic Mastery in Quezon City

Clinica de Beleza, a distinguished name in aesthetic medicine, is celebrating a significant milestone, marking a decade of exceptional service, innovation, and resilience. Built upon the earnest wishes of a loving father for his daughter, Clinica de Beleza has journeyed through 10 years of triumphs and hurdles to establish itself as a respected aesthetic clinic. 

It all began when Dr. Cherry Alindog transitioned from a company physician to an aspiring aesthetic medicine practitioner under her father’s guidance and financial support. On March 1, 2014, they opened their first clinic with a 3-bed capacity in Las Piñas, offering basic facials and services. 2017 was the year Clinica de Beleza saw growth and expansion with the opening of a new branch in Sta. Mesa, Manila. There, it started to attract a broader clientele, especially when Dr. Alindog encountered the manager of Aguila Artists, which led to celebrity endorsements. 

Sta. Mesa’s success paved the way for acquiring high-end machines and building their third and biggest clinic in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, in November 2019. As the business grew, so did the commitment to provide better services. However, the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic required difficult decisions: closing the first two branches to sustain the Tomas Morato clinic.

“As we look back on the past decade, we are reminded of the challenges we have overcome and the successes we have achieved,” Dr. Cherry Alindog reflects on the journey. “In the coming months, we will be launching new and innovative services that will continue our mission of making people beautiful. This is not just a commitment to growth, but a pledge to continue serving you with the highest standards of excellence and care.”

As Clinica de Beleza celebrates this milestone, it embraces change as it marks the beginning of a new era. The new logo serves as a statement of evolution and the future it envisions.



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