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ABS-CBN’s WRIVE Might Just Be the Next P-Pop Group to Stan

Photo from Kapamilya Online World

As the “nation’s girl group,” BINI takes us all to the “Islang Pantropiko” and brings the P-pop fever onto the global stage with G22 in Lay Zhang’s “Show It All” in China, another P-pop group has started its descent onto the scene, chanting, “We arrive now!”

Fresh from their pre-debut and first-ever group performance at the “TNT New Gen Champs” concert on April 27, the boy group WRIVE, composed of Drei Amahan, Ishiro Incapas, Asi Gatdula, Russu Laurente, and Mathew Cruz, demonstrated that despite falling short on their journey to becoming global pop idols, they are destined for a much grander path that is bigger than themselves.

Hailing from ABS-CBN Polaris - Star Magic artist management, the quintet all emerged from the idol reality show “Dream Maker,” the birthplace of the all-Filipino idol group, “HORI7ON.” Since then, they have risen from the ashes to carve a niche for themselves in P-pop, and they have not yet officially started.

As the opening act for some of the country’s top singers, the former Dream Chasers performed their pre-debut and self-produced track titled “Hollywood,” clad in all-black outfits, all while delivering live vocals and synchronized choreography in a three-minute stage.

Their lyrics proclaim, “Makikilala ng mundo,” reverberating in the Music Museum and inviting the rest of the P-pop community and the world to recognize them.

Even before the official trending party commenced the day after the show from their respective individual fandoms, the tag #WRIVE organically hit the Philippines’ trend list, igniting anticipation across social media platforms from fans eagerly awaiting their debut since their stint on the survival show.

However, the official debut date is not yet disclosed as the members will still continue their extensive training as they prepare themselves for the grandest arrival of their lives as the newest P-pop idols.

For now, stay updated with their latest updates by following their official accounts: @wrive_drei, @wrive_ishiro, @wrive_asi, @wrive_russu, and @wrive_mathew. 



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