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Alexie Brooks Redefines Beauty with Unapologetic Authenticity

For pageant enthusiasts, it's almost a given to recognize the representative of Iloilo in this year's Miss Universe Philippines. Dubbed the "first black, androgynous Ilongga" to proudly represent her province, Alexie Brooks emerged as a top contender for the crown. Although she narrowly missed the Miss Universe Philippines title, she triumphed in embodying representation and being unapologetically real.

“What keeps me driven is the thought of paving a path for future women and kids who, like me, are androgynous, have risen from poverty, defied athletic odds, challenged modeling norms, and shattered beauty standards," the athlete-turned-beauty queen told Parcinq. "I stay true to myself, unapologetically authentic. I don’t heed the words of those who wish me ill. Instead, I persist in breaking barriers, embracing my uniqueness, and celebrating my identity."

In a world often constrained by conformity and narrow definitions of beauty, the Filipino American empowered woman from Leon, Iloilo, stands as a beacon of defiance, carving her own path and declaring, "In a world that expects me to whisper, I choose to scream."

However, the journey to bagging her first national title, Miss Eco-International Philippines, after the four-month MUPH journey wasn't smooth sailing. The "Abanse Babaye" advocate faced numerous challenges right from the start of her career due to being perceived as too masculine and because of her complexion.

"When I was 12, two of my close friends, who happened to be queer, encouraged me to try out pageantry," she recalls. "I found it amusing at first, considering my tomboyish nature. But I figured, why not give it a shot?"

Her perspective shifted dramatically when she saw Venus Raj on TV, which she describes, "a woman with a similar complexion to mine, representing gracefully and confidently. That moment sparked a dream in me—a dream for something bigger." Inspired by Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-up's presence, Alexie felt a newfound sense of possibility and ambition.

At 15, Alexie ventured into modeling, but the road was anything but easy. "I dipped my toes into modeling, only to face rejection after rejection for being 'too masculine' and 'built like a guy,'" she shares. The criticism was relentless and disheartening. "It didn’t help that my athletic endeavors with the Philippine National Team had left me with an androgynous physique."

Despite the setbacks, Alexie refused to be discouraged. Instead, these challenges fueled her determination. Her resilience and commitment to breaking barriers became the cornerstone of her journey, driving her to redefine beauty standards and inspire others to embrace their unique identities.

“In the Philippines, the concept of ‘androgynous’ is still unfamiliar to many,” she quips. “People often urge me to choose a side, to conform to a specific gender expression. But I’ve come to realize that I’m confident in both aspects of myself. I used to try to conform to societal standards, but then I asked myself, ‘What is the standard?’ That’s when I decided to break free from conformity and embrace my authentic self, unapologetically.”

Parcinq sat down with the reigning Miss Eco-International Philippines 2025 and talked more about how she owns her narrative and keeps her crowning glory shining through. 

Could you share a defining moment in your career that significantly impacted your professional journey?

Alexie: "When I first stepped into the world of pageantry, my motivation was clear: I wanted to show that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. Coming from a background of poverty, I knew firsthand the struggles of reaching for your dreams. I wanted others to see themselves in me, to realize that nothing is impossible with perseverance and determination. However, as I delved deeper into this world, my perspective shifted. I came to understand that pageantry is more than just glitter and glamour. It’s a platform—a powerful one. I saw an opportunity to use my voice to inspire others to take risks, to never give up, and to believe that life can be better. It’s about empowerment and creating a movement, making people feel seen and supported. Beauty is just the surface; the real essence lies in empowerment and fostering positive change."

Who or what has been your greatest source of inspiration and support throughout your career?

Alexie: "Truth be told, my journey has been fueled by the unwavering support of my team, family, and fans. However, what truly propelled me forward was the adversity I faced in my past. Growing up without parental figures was tough, enduring discrimination due to my complexion and differences was traumatic, and facing financial struggles alone was heart-wrenching. But I refused to let these challenges define me. Instead, I turned my pain into power, using it as motivation to not only succeed but also inspire others. I wanted my journey to serve as a beacon of hope, showing others that they too can transform their pain into strength and resilience."

How do you balance your professional life with your personal life and other commitments?

Alexie: "At times, it can feel challenging, especially since I’m accustomed to solitude and cherishing my personal space. But when I remember that my presence inspires others, my perspective shifts. Modeling and pageantry aren’t just jobs for me; they’re my dreams and my way of life. It’s not about being heard, but about giving voice to others. Of course, I do enjoy simple pleasures like visiting the beach, training on the track, or indulging in daily rituals like journaling. And there’s nothing like cooking myself delicious pasta while listening to some jazz to unwind."

How do you handle criticism and setbacks, both personally and professionally?

Alexie: "Despite my efforts to brush off negative words, I’m only human, and they can still sting. However, reminding myself of my purpose keeps me going. I understand not everyone will approve of me, but I also know that some find inspiration in my journey, which fuels my determination. Being someone who values solitude, I often engage in self-reflection and journaling to process my emotions. On tougher days, I seek guidance from my mentor, who always reminds me, ‘If you know your truth, others’ opinions hold little weight.’ It’s a mantra that often helps me navigate through challenging times, and for that, I’m truly grateful to him."

Can you share any projects you are currently working on that you are particularly excited about?

Alexie: "To be completely honest, I’m thrilled about this magazine. During our shoot, I felt a sense of liberation, confidence, and strength. It’s an opportunity to reveal a side of myself that brings me immense joy, and I hope it encourages others to respect and embrace authenticity. This isn’t just a photo shoot; it’s a legacy I’m crafting for those still confined to societal expectations, searching for inspiration or motivation. It’s more than just capturing images; it’s about sparking a revolution and igniting change."

What advice would you give to younger generations out there to push boundaries and break the stigma of being inclusive?

Alexie: "Just be your authentic self. Embrace your uniqueness and love every aspect of who you are. You don’t need everyone’s approval; what matters most is that you love yourself. Show up, take risks, and keep pushing forward. As I always say, ‘Abanse’—move forward with determination and confidence."

In a world that often tries to silence those who fight for what’s right, Alexie Brooks chooses to scream, loud and clear. Her journey, defined by who she is, is a story that needs to be told—a true inspiration for all who dare to dream.

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Styling by Dave Arden

Hair and Makeup by Lars Cabanacan

Words by LA Bendana



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han gu
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Jun 26

True to herself is a way of embracing who you really are inside and out. You are an inspiration to many most especially to young generations to inspire more to do what you 😘


Ester Mojica
Ester Mojica
Jun 21

Very unique and authentic. I really admired your courage. When I was younger I was like you androgynous too. But I never patterned myself to standards set by others just like you. Just be you and more people will love you for that.❤️❤️❤️


Jun 20

Truly inspiring Alexie Brooks😍

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