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All-Boys Academy Yearbook: A Photo Series Project by Raymond Cauilan

What if there was an all-boys school that solely admitted the most handsome and good-looking students? Imagine attending a school where every student is perfect-looking. It would be blissful to walk around campus and be greeted by your handsome and cute classmates. If you are fond of handsome guys (like us), then an all-boys school is the most ideal place for you!

In a recent project that's being talked about on social media, fashion photographer Raymond Cauilan collaborated with his team of creatives on a photo series that mimics the look of an all-male school. To capture the Asian schoolboy aesthetic, his team of stylists dressed his models in Thai-inspired school uniforms and set the shoot at his studio. Inspired by his love of BL series and Korean reality shows, the Manila-based photographer wanted to fulfill the dreams of those (particularly BL fans) who wish they went to a dream boy university.

“The Korean reality show called ‘Produce 101’ inspired me to create this project which I did in 2017. But the project was not completed until last year. This latest photo series is a continuation of my first one and still inspired by Produce 101, but my models are now wearing Thai school uniforms. With the height of the BL series today, I've decided to join the fun!" - Raymond Cauilan.

[Disclaimer:] It's important to note that this sweet fantasy of an all-boys school photo series is not meant to be a factual representation of any particular youth academy but rather a lovely daydream to indulge in. Enjoy scrolling!

See the complete set of this photo series here.

Full Credits:

Produced, Conceptualized, and Photographed by Raymond Cauilan

Hair and Grooming by Gilbert Belan, Aaron Cunanan, Lionel Fabros, Mycke Arcano,

Raffy So, Dan Forro, Dr. Mark De Luna Alvero

Uniforms Provided by El Felipe

Styling by Yannie Tui, Edrick Paz, and Raine Robo

Special Thanks to Empire/Mercator, Asterisk Entertainment, Team Hustle,

ABS-CBN Starhunt, and Cornerstone Entertainment

Words by Joe Andy

Banner Art by Mila Renaldi



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