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Amplify All of Life’s Experiences with Powerful Sound Wherever You Go

Music makes everything better, especially when heard in the greatest quality possible. Inconveniences such as audio distortion, blown speakers, poor bass, and treble quality can be a total mood killer. It’s about time that you invest in a well-rounded device that will allow you to experience powerful sound wherever you go, something that the new Samsung Sound Tower ST50B provides!

The new wireless Samsung Sound Tower can keep you company whenever and wherever you like, no matter the occasion.

Take Incredible Sound With You Everywhere

The Samsung Sound Tower ST50B is geared for all of life’s experiences. With a strong internal battery lasting up to 18 hours, it plays ultra-powerful audio that allows you to enjoy unplugged entertainment all day and all night.

Music by the poolside? No worries! The Sound Tower ST50B is water-resistant with an IPX5 feature ensuring that it is protected against low-pressure water streams. There's no need to be anxious that a night of non-stop partying and accidental drink spills will ruin your speakers.

Powerful Music, One Device

Share your music with others with the Sound Tower’s wireless capabilities. Pair up to two mobiles with the Sound Tower simultaneously and enjoy music with your friends with the Bluetooth multi-connection feature. You can also amplify your sound experience by connecting up to ten Sound Towers wirelessly with the Group Play feature, perfect for gatherings or even if you just want it loud.

Enjoying concerts and movie marathons with friends and family anywhere in great quality is possible with the Sound Tower. It's simple to connect your TV to the sound tower–so sit back, relax, and experience amplified sound quality with its seamless wireless TV connection.

Partying At Home Sounds Better Than Ever

The Samsung Sound Tower ST50B is always up for a party! Get the room jumping and keep the good vibes flowing with its unique bi-directional speakers, which allow sound to be heard and clearly in multiple directions. Whether your party is indoors or outdoors, shaking it up with incredible, immersive, sound is just a push of a button away.

It just isn’t a party without an awesome light show–so go all-out with the Sound Tower’s built-in LED party lights that set the mood through dynamic lighting effects such as party, ambient, and dance modes. Choose how these sparkly lights will enliven the venue through the use of the Samsung Sound Tower App on your mobile device. Be the disc jockey yourself using the DJ Effect for the best sound available for all types of music.

Karaoke sessions with family and friends get a level up! Own the stage and sing your hearts out with the Samsung Sound Tower ST50B’s Karaoke Mode plus dedicated mic input.

Ready to experience powerful sound wherever you go? Have a blast with the Samsung Sound Tower ST50B and get your well-rounded sound device now! For more exciting updates on Samsung TV and Sound Devices, check out, and follow Samsung on their official Facebook and Instagram pages.



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