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An Idol Group in a Dating Program? Treasure Will Show You How It’s Done in 'Shining Solo'

Treasure's Jihoon listening to the 'Shining Solo' women

The boys of K-pop group TREASURE gear up for another survival show, but this time, it’s different from YG Treasure Box as SBS has labeled it a “romantic survival” program.

For most K-pop fans and even casual viewers, it’s quite intriguing to witness an idol group immersed in a dating program. Nevertheless, the 10-piece group from YG Entertainment is ready for the challenge, even though, as their leader Hyunsuk mentioned, encounters with women outside of work are rare for them.

And this became apparent when the special reality program aired on YouTube and various platforms on Sunday, March 3.

The premise of the show is simple: They’re given only four days in the Treasure Castle, and each night the women will vote for the most charming man with jewels when the clock chimes.

In the first part, TREASURE’s Jihoon, Jaehyuk, Junkyu, Asahi, and Haruto were put to the test. Despite their initial awkwardness and shyness, each of them tried to showcase their wit and charm, giving viewers a sneak peek at how the members interact.

During the nearly hour-long first episode, they made their first impressions with the four women. Although seemingly reserved and uneasy, Junkyu, with his bright smile, received the most roses, while Jihoon and Jaehyuk had one each.

As the episode progressed, viewers got to see how Junkyu is THAT type of boyfriend (watch the episode to know!), while Jihoon naturally leads conversations, making everyone feel comfortable around him. 

Meanwhile, as Junkyu and Jihoon talked with the girls, Jaehyuk, Asahi, and Haruto were busy measuring 300 mL of water. How unserious!

Surprisingly, the reception from Teumes and other viewers was wholesome. They weren’t throwing hate toward the idea of idols being on a dating show; instead, they were supporting the boys and expressing happiness for them. As one user commented, “I love how natural and wholesome this interaction is. It’s refreshing to see idols being themselves and having fun.”

Others even enjoyed the show, stating, “The show format itself makes everything x10 more awkward, but it’s surprisingly fun to watch. It's a little reality check for the idols too,” and “YG should change the title to TREASURE SHINING SOLO COMEDY DATING SHOW!”

It’s only the first episode, but everyone’s been talking about the charm of each member. We still have Hyunsuk, Jeongwoo, Junghwan, Yoshi, and Doyoung for the next part. But the question remains: Who will shine in the end?



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