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An Outfit Breakdown of Red Velvet’s Queendom Era

“Hey, here we go again!” says Red Velvet for their triumphant and long-awaited comeback, Queendom. When Billboard dubbed Red Velvet as the “standard-bearer for girl groups’ conceptual versatility,” they weren’t lying as the girls took back their crowns through the empowering lead single that reiterated the group as a unit stronger than ever.

Tapping into their “red” side, the era gave us a peek into a vibrantly colored, magical world. From tulle skirts, denim interpretations, and some edgy accessories to top off the look, let’s unpack the whimsical stylings of Queendom one by one.

Starting with Glam

Photo Courtesy of Red Velvet Official, SM Entertainment

AKA the first outfits we see as the Queendom music video opens. And, of course, they start with a bang. For these initial outfits, we start out with something more dark-colored with a few bright embellishments to make the outfits pop. Here, we see sheer, bodice, and buttoned-up pieces.

From the onset, your eyes immediately go to Wendy’s Gucci cape paired with a yellow square-neck dress that is just so hard to miss. While the members adopted a black, red, and blue color palette, Wendy’s outfit is the odd-one-out with the earthy tones and retro-inspired look.


Photos Courtesy of Red Velvet Official, SM Entertainment

Hello, Queendom Era! It’s me, the 2021 Met Gala Theme.

But jokes aside, Queendom is there to solidify Red Velvet as a group once again, but a common theme you’ll notice in some of the outfits is individuality. Take a look at these denim numbers that are casual and easygoing but also chic-looking, with each piece made for each member! We love the gradients and cutouts to the denim closet staple. Then for an added touch of classic meets grunge, all five members rocked lace-up biker boots with pearl accessories to finish off the look.

Vintage Doll

Photos Courtesy of Red Velvet Official, SM Entertainment

While basking in an Alice in Wonderland-esque world, the members gave a serious vintage doll moment by utilizing pieces from Miu Miu. This is probably a favorite look as they perfectly combined glam, leisure, and schoolgirl chic. Many pieces give off a ‘50s vibe like Seulgi’s yellow cardigan, Irene’s gingham top, and Wendy’s halterneck, but then there are pieces like Yeri’s sporty windbreaker and Joy’s checkered A-line skirt. And all paired with ankle to knee-high socks and a mix of satin sandals and sneakers for shoes.

Sleek and Chic

Photos Courtesy of Red Velvet Official, SM Entertainment

This was a look we’ve only ever seen in concept photos, but I couldn’t help mention it because of how powerful they looked. Literally larger-than-life, the members exuded authority and confidence in their version of power dressing. Irene’s white double-breasted blazer that went down to the end of her outfit is definitely a standout against the all-black ensembles the rest of the members have going on. But in general, we love the form-fitting pieces, black stockings, shiny accessories, and heels for days.

Edgy Princess

Photos Courtesy of Red Velvet Official, SMTOWN OFFICIAL

A motif that is reminiscent of our pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne. For a final look to Queendom, the girls brought us down to our knees with an edgy princess fit featuring tulle skirts and crystal embellishments, paired with chunky boots, cotton shirts, and lace camisole to tone it down. This is probably the style that you would automatically associate with Queendom because how could you not? The combo of edgy and girly with all the purple is definitely *chefs kiss*.

And a big shoutout to Seulgi’s crystal-stitched corset by New York’s newest fashion cult favorite, AREA NYC. We can only dream of wearing something like that and working it just as well as our queen.

Some Runner-Up Looks from the Era

Photo Courtesy of M Countdown

The second version to their denim-on-denim, as featured in M Countdown.

Photo Courtesy of Red Velvet Official

The burgundy red version of the edgy princess look, as featured in Inkigayo.

Their casual Y2K fits for the performance of their B-Side track, Pose.

Photo Courtesy of M Countdown

These flirty and girly pastel looks for another stage for Pose.



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