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Anime Lash Extensions : The Latest Lash Trend On Tiktok And Where To Get Them

Did you notice how (almost) everyone around you now is wearing lash extensions? Eyelash extensions are a surprisingly common big-ticket beauty purchase. From eyelash extensions to eyelash perms and eyelash tinting, these trends are quickly taking over the beauty industry.

Considering their popularity and likeliness to remain trendy for years, there's been a trend circling TikTok - Anime lashes!

What Are Anime or Manga Eyelash Extensions?

Anime or Manga lash extensions are a great way to give your lashes a doll-eyed, animated look that can elevate your daily makeup routine. This type of lash extension has individual, spikey lash strands that stand out amongst shorter, feathery lashes, emphasizing the lower lash line and giving a doll-eye effect similar to that of female anime and manga characters.

This type of extensions can make narrow eye shapes appear rounder and more open. They can make your eyes look more prominent, especially if you get bottom lash extensions. They are perfect for those who enjoy a more dramatic everyday look, who like to stay on trend, or who love anime and manga culture.

Where To Get Them

Miss Derm

Miss Derm, a beauty salon that offers brows, lashes, and laser hair removal services, is one of the top-notch beauty salons in Metro Manila where you can achieve dramatic anime eyelash extensions. They offer various lash extension styles depending on your eye shape. So I messaged their Instagram (@missderm) account to consult on what the best lash style would suit me. They quickly responded and were able to book seamlessly.

Miss Derm Las Pinas Branch

Miss Derm Experience

I rarely do eyelash extensions. Sure, they made me look like I had applied my makeup before going to bed, but most of the time, they were just heavy and uncomfortable, given that I wear glasses, too.

So whenever I feel like getting them done, I always look for the best! I was really intrigued when I first heard about Miss Derm's lash extensions. Unlike your average salon that offers synthetic eyelash extensions, Miss Derm uses antibacterial sable or mink lashes. Diana, my lash technician, suggested I get a cat eye style.

The process took around 1.5 hours and involved you lying down with your eyes closed during the entire session. It was pretty fast, and I just realized she was done as we were busy chatting all the time.

As for the overall look, I love it! I like the style and how it perfectly frames my face. I feel normal; I couldn't really tell that I've done something new on my eyes, and it's very lightweight too—almost feels like you're not wearing an extension.

If you're planning to get your lashes done, head over to Miss Derm and look for their skilled lash artists that will fit your lash goal. They have branches in Quezon City, Makati, and Las Pinas, or you can just message them on Instagram: @missderm.



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