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Celebrating the best of Asian talent with dazzling performances and heartfelt moments!

Photo credits to AAA Organizing Committee

The 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAA), held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on December 14, was a spectacular event that brought together the brightest stars from across Asia. Often likened to the Asian Oscars and Grammys, this year's AAA was hosted in the Philippines for the first time. It was a dazzling display of talent, fashion, and fanfare.

The Filipino fans, known for their passionate support, turned up in large numbers, showcasing their love in various ways. The Fan Zone at the Philippine Stadium was a hub of activity, filled with interactive photo areas and walls for fans to leave messages for their favorites. The fans had a blast picking up freebies and getting to know others who share their adoration for the idols.

Photo credits to AAA Organizing Committee

On X (formerly Twitter), user @PawprintChuu wrote, “Fanzone freebies! Thank you again to everyone who gave them away. We visited 3 HORI7ON tents, and even though it was raining, we kept going.”

The red carpet event was a major highlight, with fans arriving early to catch a glimpse of their idols. The stars, many visiting the Philippines for the first time, did not disappoint, showcasing their charm and style to their fans and the press.

Photo credits to AAA Organizing Committee

It's Showtime mainstay Ryan Bang kept the crowd at the red carpet entertained with his witty remarks, effortlessly switching between English, Filipino, Korean, and Japanese. His humorous side comments and engaging style made waves on X, earning him widespread praise from netizens for his entertaining hosting skills.

Actress Kim Sejeong, best known for her roles in the hit K-dramas Business Proposal and Uncanny Counter, dazzled in her backless white gown, earning an appreciative roar of approval from the crowd.

Photo credits to AAA Organizing Committee

The award winners expressed heartfelt gratitude towards their fans, acknowledging the unwavering support they have received. They also promised to continue working hard to earn this appreciation. Notable moments included speeches from EXO’s Suho, NewJeans, and K-drama star Jung Sung Il, each sharing personal reflections and commitments to their fans.

X user @kylasvt took to her account to write a glowing review of her experience. “I've seen a lot of negativity about how AAA 2023 went tonight, especially regarding the setup, ticket prices, and the general mood — some say it was boring. But as one of the audience members, I can't stress enough how ORGANIZED the whole event was. There were ushers at every corner, even in the parking and fanzone areas. It was so chill, and we were able to enjoy ourselves without any hassle because everything moved so quickly.”

Photo credits to AAA Organizing Committee

She emphasized that the event was a joyful one overall. “The event was also so much fun. I don’t understand how anyone could find it boring. It was an awards night, so a lot of speeches were expected, of course. The ticket prices were also quite affordable, considering the hours we spent watching our idols and the number of groups performing. A lot of solo concerts are now way too pricey. Anyway, the point is to spread positivity because it was such a happy day. Congratulations to everyone who won, and I'm SO PROUD OF SVT & BSS SO MUCH."

Photo credits to AAA Organizing Committee

The 2023 Asia Artist Awards was more than just an award ceremony; it was a celebration of Asian talent and a testament to the unifying power of music and entertainment. The event not only showcased the best of Asian entertainment but also fostered a deeper connection between artists and their fans, making it a truly memorable night for all involved.

The 2023 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS was made possible through the efforts of StarNews, TONZ Entertainment, and the Philippines' one and only trailblazer in live Hallyu events, PULP Live World.



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