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Bad Buddy Series: The Most Awaited GMMTV BL Drama this October

(Photo Courtesy of GMMTV)

The Thai BL drama that almost every BL enthusiast has been waiting for is about to be released! Bad Buddy Series, a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story with a Boys Love twist, will be coming to you fresh from GMMTV entertainment. Filled with fan-favorite characters (Nanon Korapat and Ohm Pawat), this new series is sure to be a hit. The series follows the story of two boys, Pran and Prat, who are forced to become rivals because of their fathers' feud. However, the boys still manage to maintain their childhood friendship, even though they must face increasingly difficult challenges in their quests for love.

Bad Buddy

Nanon Korapat is one of GMMTV’s big stars! Having acted in The Gifted, Blacklist, and My Dear Loser, GMMTV fans have been waiting for the day that he will debut in a Boys Love drama. At the end of 2020, when GMMTV announced the projects they planned to release in 2021, the BL community celebrated when they saw that the Bad Buddy series would feature Nanon as the main character!

Many people assumed that his partner would be Chimon Wachirawit, a star from GMMTV and someone with experience in the BL world, but they never guessed it would be Ohm Pawat! Though surprising, fan’s found it fitting! Ohm, who already has a slew of mainstream acting experience under his belt, including Boys Love and Queer dramas, is the perfect partner to help guide Nanon into the world of Boys Love.

If you love enemies-to-lovers romances mixed with school drama, Bad Buddy is perfect for you! Pran, played by Nanon, and Pat, played by Ohm, have been at odds for as long as they could remember — a rivalry that goes back to their fathers' lifelong competition against one another. Tired of constant fighting, Pran and Pat decided they could be friends and end this cycle of never-ending hate, but they agreed to keep it a secret. However, through this journey, can they genuinely remain as friends when yearning feelings begin to stir?

You too can see why this is getting so much attention! Watch the trailer for yourself:

Don't miss one of the most anticipated BL series of the year, and be sure to catch the premiere of Bad Buddy on YouTube and WeTV on October 29th! Are you ready for this rivalry romance? The whole world certainly is!



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