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barenbliss' Latest Lip Sensation - Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint!

The summer vibes are still going strong – barenbliss just dropped a new refreshing lip product BNBaes! Get ready for a splash of magical freshness in their latest lip sensation: introducing the oh-so-Adorable Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint! 

This new barenbliss mousse tint is giving us a whole new lip revolution with its New Generation Shift Tint Formula that delivers a water-to-satin finish on the lips. Featuring their cutting-edge lip beauty technology; it will let you achieve a glossy finish that not only adds a pop of shine but also showers your lips with hydration, while it sets into a luxurious satin texture – leaving your lips feeling light and airy.

As a brand that focuses on makeup and skincare hybrid, their mousse tint is free from Parabens, Alcohol, and Mineral Oil, which makes it a lip-loving product. Enriched with Watery Film Technology, Ultra-velvety Powder, and 8X Natural Goodness, this non-sticky mousse tint will make your lips healthy and ultra-moist all day. 

As a cherry on top, it delivers a 12-hour transfer-proof intense color stain, created using the innovative Watery Film Technology from Germany and Japan. Plus, it's infused with a hint of chocolate, giving you a sweet and subtle chocolatey fragrance.

Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint is available in a range of pretty shades, adhering to all skin tones and makeup styles. Whether you're in for a bold statement or an everyday look, there's a shade for every occasion.

01 Coral Wave - a preppy peachy shade

02 Rose Haze - a sweet rose pink shade

03 Candy Blaze - a poppin' rosy red shade

04 Amber Peel - a dazzling terracotta shade

05 Cocoa Jam - a stunning mauve brown shade

06 Burgundy Heat - a sophisticated bold berry shade



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