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Barenbliss's Empowering 'Show Your Pride' Campaign Sparks Joy and Celebrates Diversity

Cover Art by Airabelle

“Pride is a celebration of love and equality. It’s a celebration of freedom – who you want to love and who you want to be”

In celebration of the beautiful and colorful spectrum of human identities this Pride month, K-beauty makeup brand, barenbliss lights the way with their heartening campaign, 'Show Your Pride.’ It strives to create a ripple of empowerment, by showcasing everyone's unique identity, style, and pride through the artistry of makeup. Makeup is self-expression; it empowers individuals to embrace their authenticity, flaws, and their journey of self-discovery.

To pay tribute to the annual Pride celebration, barenbliss kicks off the campaign with five liberating stories of self-love, confidence, acceptance, and individuality. Delve into the captivating narratives of these inspiring LGBTQ+ members, each with a powerful message to share. Conversing about the essence of celebrating Pride and how they find strength in expressing their true selves by using makeup.

Renzo is all out in embracing flaws and radiating feminine looks with makeup. For the 16-year-old influencer, pride is expressing yourself and not thinking about what people will think about you while doing whatever makes you happy.

JC knows no limits in expressing himself. Through makeup, whether it's a manly, feminine, or natural look – he can flawlessly pull it off anytime. Coming out bisexual from his family was not an easy road for JC, but he shared how it became his greatest achievement.

Sean is strutting with a striding desire to stand out. As a professional makeup artist who is non-binary, makeup for Sean is a haven for expressing one’s unique identity and style. The full-time content creator takes Pride as a celebration of love, equality, and freedom.

Chino stays real and doesn't worry about what people say. For Chino, pride encompasses authenticity, embracing others as they are, and loving oneself. Putting on makeup helped Chino express femininity as a gay man.

Deo is an absolute rockstar when it comes to shattering barriers and defying societal expectations. The non-binary - student content creator is crystal clear about the real struggle of finding confidence, revealing that it is not just an overnight process.



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