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Be in Control of Your Body with Thrive Co Lab.

When I was younger, I used to play soccer. Agility and flexibility were never my concerns —not until a week ago when I was cleaning my room and had to lift and reach for stuff. The chores that were so easy have become challenging. I'm only in my early thirties, but I feel like I'm not in my best shape. I had lost control of my body. Then, a few days ago, I was invited to join Thrive Co Lab.'s online trial class, and I'm telling you, I've never sweated so much for a very long time.

Our online trial class with Thrive Co Lab.'s instructors

Thrive Co Lab. teaches mobility training, animal flow, and restorative yoga. People like me who live a sedentary lifestyle and are boxed to a nine-to-five job always think that working out and other wellness activities are no fun. However, I find myself enjoying and being competitive in doing all the stretches just a few minutes into the class. Halfway through, I began to feel flexible and slowly regained the strength and mobility I thought I had lost. Thanks to the instructors who prepare you for the poses and give just the right amount of encouragement and motivation.

I have never tried yoga before, and Thrive Co Lab. was a new experience, but it felt familiar. The class lasted for a little over an hour, but the sweat and the drive it gave me felt like I was that younger version of me who loves doing cardio and calisthenics. Will I do it again? Hell yeah! The classes they are offering are perfect for people like me, who now find home chores challenging. It is also very convenient as the courses are online.

What impressed me about Thrive Co Lab. is their mission to help people be in control of their bodies and reclaim the sense of freedom that people have always had but were taken away by their poor lifestyle. Thrive Co Lab. does not promise an overnight remedy or an instant solution, but they will surely stand by you with every move you make.

To know more about the classes Thrive Co Lab. is offering, you may visit their website at

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