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Ben&Ben Go Above and Beyond with Their Sophomore Album, Pebble House Volume 1: Kwaderno.

Multi-platinum and widely praised Filipino band Ben&Ben have at long last delivered their profoundly expected sophomore album, Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno through Sony Music.

Extending their sound with compensating tests and specifically bolder songwriting, the 13 track collection denotes a significant section in Ben&Ben's set of experiences as it catches the tunes, stories, messages, encounters, learnings, and bits of knowledge that went with them through their self-reflecting yet fulfilling journey.

“Each song, much like an entry in one's personal journal, encapsulates something uniquely special to represent something in a certain point in time,” the nine-piece collective shares in a statement. “We felt it would be important for our second album to be a work that brings us closer to our listeners and introduces them more to the wide spectrum of what we are capable of and of who we are as people.”

Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno exceeded expectations marking up musicality and production, offering a way to an impeccable piece of pop songcraft that feels more like a characteristic movement from their similar debut album, Limasawa Street instead of a retread of the serenely natural. Since the creation of Kuwaderno, Ben&Ben have been more open to coordinated efforts that endeavor past the limits of their initial work.

On their next collection, they have collaborated with the greatest names in the Philippine music industry on six of the tunes, including “Swimming Pool” (Feat. Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar), “Pasalubong” (Feat. Moira Dela Torre), “Lunod” (Feat. Zild and juan karlos), “Sabel” (Feat. KZ Tandingan), “Kapangyarihan” (Feat. SB19), and “Sugat” (Feat. Munimuni).

“We've always wanted to collaborate with these artists, but we were also always a bit too shy to ask,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Paolo Benjamin. “When working on the second album, however, our songs and the arrangements gave us the confidence to reach out in hopes that these collaborators would likewise believe in our music enough to work with us. Thankfully, they did, and we are immensely grateful for their generosity in sharing their hard work and talent with us.”

Pre-creation for the album started in April 2021 when Ben&Ben recorded their initial two melodies "Upuan" and "Magpahinga." The previous will have a music video highlighting He's Into Her stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano that will launch on August 29, 6pm (Sunday) through Ben&Ben's Official Youtube Channel. Directed by Niq Ablao, the visuals bring us into a romantic timeless tale about prom, and a touch of nerves that accompany discovering the fortitude to ask someone out.

Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno is written, arranged, and produced by Ben&Ben, with Jean Paul Verona and Sam Marquez (One Click Straight) involved in co-producing, mixing, and co-engineering duties. Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Leon Zervos heads the overall mastering of the tracks.

The album also features tracks that will surely be blown you back in time like opening up your old diaries; “Kuwaderno,” which sets the mood and tone of the record; “Kasayaw,” a metaphor that alludes to the difficult question of whether two people are in the same groove or not; “Elyu,” a classic sounding song about wanting to free oneself from something; Ilang Tulog Na lang,” a paean to long-distance relationships; and “Kayumanggi,” an anthem that embraces the beauty and richness of Filipino identity.

Pebble House Volume 1: Kwaderno is out now via Sony Music on all digital music platforms worldwide including Spotify. And fans can also look forward to exclusive content only on Spotify. This is not a drill, but don’t forget to bring tissues with you as Ben&Ben will surely hit you to the bone and heart.



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