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BGYO is “The Light” at the End of the Tunnel

Photo Courtesy of BGYO / ABSCBN

When the 5-member boy group BGYO debuted with The Light months prior, they became the spark that led today's youth and empowered a growing generation of P-pop artists. Through their formation in 2018, under the ABS-CBN Star Hunt Academy, the group fought tooth and nail to make it to the stage. And with their ever-flowing passion and relentless perseverance, they’ve succeeded and lived up to their name: “Becoming the change, Going further, You and I, Originally Filipino.”

From then on, the quintet—composed of Akira, Gelo, JL, Mikki, and Nate—has been carving their own path and making waves in pop culture. And it’s only just the beginning. Starting with a bang, The Light is a powerful, upbeat song with urban and electro-dance elements. The track consists of strong beats, warped sounds, and EDM-heavy drops, coupled with melodic verses and aggressive raps written in English and Filipino. These lyrics were written by the members and Distract.

The Light shares an uplifting message of hope despite troubling times. A power anthem to motivate a generation, with reflections from their own stories. Upon first listen, you might take it as another danceable EDM song, but it’s a little more than that. The Light mixes a dash of the radio-friendly with the genre-bending as the song takes you on a journey.

Photo Courtesy of BGYO / ABSCBN

The music video starts with a quote, “Within you lies immense power. Your light changes the world.” From the vast night sky, we see darkness, right until a shooting star appears. It then transitions to the first appearance of the boys. They are standing under several spotlights on a dark stage, with their backs turned around. Wobble sounds kick in. With their backs turned, we may not know their faces yet, but we know they are something to shine upon. They pose as the music comes to a sudden halt.

Photo Courtesy of BGYO / ABSCBN

The song resumes its pace through sparse beats to build intensity to the first verse. And when it builds, it bangs. The Light roars as we are treated to exciting synthesized sounds and powerful bass, all under the confident voices full of conviction from BGYO. “Follow the bright, bright light. Oh, only got one life, let's live in the moment.”

The music video flashes between the boys in two different images: one, dressed-down in lonely, desolate settings, and one, fully dressed up on flashy stages. These images constantly shift between the other for the most part. But at one point, a light appears before the dressed-down version, and the members begin to follow “the light.”

The light not only becomes something they follow, but it also becomes a part of them, or more accurately, they become the light. BGYO is the light. “I'm just tryna make it all better. I wanna make this world a safer place. First, I gotta make sure I work hard enough so I can be the change.”

The Light is everything to what BGYO stands for as it speaks on empowerment, hope, and self-love. From rigorous training to debuting in a pandemic, the boys have gone through their own set of hardships to get to where they are. But through the adversity, they’ve built confidence and a whole sense of self. They say they aim to “create music that not only captivates the senses but sparks meaningful messaging.” And this is evident as they unleash a high spirited track that resembles that of a storm.

Let us all support and watch the official music video of 'The Light' here:


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