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BINI Gears Up to Release First EP ‘Talaarawan’

BINI struck a pose in front of the ABS-CBN building with their group's name on it. Photo from ABS-CBN PR/X

Is it really BINI’s world, and we’re just living in it?

Valentine’s Night saw the ABS-CBN ELJ Communications Center building bathed in a pink glow, proudly showcasing the name of the nation’s girl group, “BINI.”

Outside, a number of Blooms gathered, their voices echoing as they chanted the name of their P-pop idols, known for their recently trending tunes like “Pantropiko” and “Karera.”

Adding to the night’s excitement, Star Music confirmed via X (formerly Twitter) that the octet is set to release their highly anticipated first EP titled “Talaarawan.” The caption, akin to what seems like a Valentine message from the group to their fans, reads, “The wait is over! BINI 1st EP is finally coming! Thank you sa pagwait ha? <33 Game kayo?”

While specifics regarding the EP, such as its release date, concept, and tracklist, remain undisclosed, Blooms are eagerly awaiting further details, as evidenced by the thousands of reposts, likes, and tags flooding social media.

For the past months, BINI has steadily asserted their presence in the music realm with a growing catalog of songs, including chart-toppers like the aforementioned tracks, as well as fan favorites such as “Lagi,” “Na Na Na,” “I Feel Good,” and “Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi.”

Speaking of “Pantropiko,” Red Velvet’s Irene was spotted mimicking the dance steps from a video of BINI’s Aiah during a fan call, sparking excitement among the members who expressed their admiration for the K-pop girl group member on X.

BINI's Maloi even exclaimed, “ATE IRENE?!!!?!?!?????????!!!!!!!! SANDALI ANG DAMING NANGYAYARI.”

As the countdown to their EP release begins, everyone can only anticipate more noise and achievements from BINI, as they continue to captivate hearts and dominate the music scene, one viral video at a time.



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