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BINI Sheena And The Main Dancer That She Is

Cover art by Rojan Maguyon

If you're the type of person who scrolls through Tiktok for HOURS, then it's highly unlikely that you didn't encounter a short dance cover by BINI's bunso, Sheena.

YES, her presence, when she's at her best, shines through, and it's really difficult not to notice. This "dance-irella" has always reaped thousands of hearts and comments on the platform every time she posts a *SOLID* dance cover.

Here are some of BINI Sheena's hard-to-miss covers on Tiktok, proving that she's born to perform:

Zoom In, Zoom Out

BINI Sheena owns this cover! It's a secret to none that she can bust a move and rock the stage with her prowess. But this one's a chef's kiss even the K-pop star herself, Jessi, approves and comments: "So smooth girl 🔥🔥🔥🔥"

Blackpink in your area

Slayed and left no crumbs. Right at this point, BINI Sheena is a dancing machine. Plus, in this Jennie - SOLO, The Show Online Concert dance break, she's with BINI's main vocalist and lead dancer, Colet, which adds fire to the performance. Baka BINI 'yan!


Watchu lookin' at? It's BINI Sheena feeling her best self in Le Sserafim's Fearless. Seeing her in this 15-second-cover is enough for you to stan this talented woman.

SB19 and BINI collide

If you're both an A'tin and a BLOOM, this cover of Zoo must have killed you a million times! BINI's bunso meets SB19's bunso, Justin, and they both deliver in this short cover. Expect nothing less if these two P-pop groups collide!

Dumb Dumb by Somi

She's called "dance-irella" for a reason. She ain't also playing with those facial expressions while rolling her body to the beat of Somi's Dumb Dumb. How can you not LOVE her?

This short list is just a foretaste. You're still yet to arrive at more exciting dance covers and candid moments with other P-pop idols if you visit her Tiktok account (@bini_sheena) and hit that follow button. Remember her name: Sheena, and she's the main dancer of the nation's girl group, BINI.



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