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Bangkok is a haven for clothing that represents all styles and cultures, from glamourous designs to traditional Thai prints and everything in between. It boasts hundreds of fashion boutiques in the Chatuk Chak area alone. Make "shop 'til you drop" your mantra when you visit the weekend market—or anywhere else in Bangkok, actually.

We give you a rundown on the city's fashion hotspots to find the perfect store for your next OOTD theme. Skip the mainstream ones and explore the more local options!

Chatuk Chak: Unlimited, Diverse Options

The area is home to over 15,000 stores welcoming thousands of visitors weekly. It's the ultimate shopping destination as you would surely find something for you here.

1. Err-or Clothing

Find the design that matches your style. Ironically, you'd never go wrong with their statement tees!

2. Masque & 17:09

This wooden-fronted boutique offers edgy men's and women's clothing. It's also a must-visit for casual wear seekers.

3. Volume X

The brand takes mixing and matching to the (cue in Aespa) next level! Numerous pairings are available, from plains and prints to patterns.

Siam Square: Upscale, Trendy Options

Situated in the heart of the city, it's the go-to of Bangkok's fashion-conscious youth. Known for its big shopping malls and small designer boutiques, get up to date with your preferred style here.

1. SOS Sense of Style

Dress up or down, SOS got you covered. One of the capital's most popular women's clothing stores has a wealth of stylish designs to choose from.

2. Painkiller Atelier

Men's comfort is at the forefront of the brand's designs. They keep it cozy while maintaining the clothing's signature style.

3. Dancing Riot

One of the best indie fashion stores in Bangkok is taking one step ahead of the fashion trends. Associate new, different, familiar, and comfortable to them.

Somewhere in Bangkok: Unique, Unexpected Finds

Fashion havens scatter around the city, giving you no reason not to shop! From streets and corners to alleys, fashion finds are within your reach.

1. (un) FASHION Vintage

For the leather lovers, this is your time to dish out some cash! This old-world fashion boutique is jam-packed with items made of leather.

2. Kai Boutique

The clothing here has graced numerous fashion weeks, which impressed most avid fashionistas. Dream bigger 'coz it's made for women with ambition and style.

3. KJ Bangkok

Turn your princess dreams into reality. This popular indie fashion store offers dresses, gowns, and formal wears with a princess flair to them.

Fashion therapy is alive and thriving in Bangkok and it’s not going anywhere. So whether you’re shopping for your next outfit or just window shopping, be sure to check out these hot spots.


Words by Kryzzle Cailing

Cover Layout by Jamie Dimapilis

Photography and Styling by Rxandy Capinpin

Grooming by Mycke Arcano

Assisted By Lei Froyalde

Featuring Models Carlo Vanbuskirk and Daryll Rodriguez

Location: A Memorial for Lola Exhibition by Basil Malicsi at Imahica Art Gallery

Special thanks to Jhay Layson and Mariah Roldan



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