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bnBOUNDLESS: Beauty Beyond Boundaries

In a society that often dictates rigid and toxic standards, barenbliss is taking a bold step to redefine beauty and break boundaries with their all-boys campaign, “bn-boundless.”

Barenbliss recognizes that men, just like anyone else, appreciate simplicity and makeup in their daily routines. Whether it's an active lifestyle or just heading to the 9-to-5 hustle hours, it is an arsenal for looking and feeling confident. 


Featuring debonair muses, Christian Bootle, Luan Leonardo Butkze, Noel Hein, and Sylvain Sencier, the all-boys lineup graced the campaign, showcasing makeup for men with sophistication and style. As part of their powerful campaign, the brand keeps it simple with a variety of uncomplicated cult’s favorite essentials – perfect for men who want to look and feel their best effortlessly. 

Product 1: True Beauty Inside Cushion

A high-coverage cushion enriched with Miracle Bloom™ that adheres to a perfect flawless and blurred effect on your skin. With its non-greasy, and non-cakey texture, combined with oil control capabilities, it ensures sweat-proof, shine-proof, and semi-matte coverage. 

Product 2: Fine To Refine Compact Powder 

A longwear ultra-light compact powder with SPF 25 PA++ that provides an airbrushed matte finish, keeping your skin bright and shine-free all day. 

Product 3: Ceramoist Lip Glow Serum

A lightweight Lip Serum, crafted with three types of Precious Oils and Ceramide for quick absorption and deep moisturization, making your lips soft, and hydrated. Made with Vitamin E, it finishes lips with a subtle tint, nurturing and brightening the lips.

Want these #bnBOUNDLESS products on your kit? You can get them on barenbliss official online shops and stores!


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