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Catch a Bolder and Fiercer MNL48 at Tugatog Filipino Music Festival

An over-the-top production, bedazzled wardrobes, and intricate choreography. That's the commitment the P-pop girl group MNL48 will bring to the stage of the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival 2022.

"We have grown so much in the past couple of years, and we can't wait to perform in Tugatog," the group shared to PARCINQ Magazine during an interview during MNL48's promo shoot for Tugatog Filipino Music Festival. "We are more united than ever, and as we always say, 'one dream, one sound,' and we will continue to live with those words when we perform."

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival

MNL48 is among the performers for the Tugatog Music Festival happening in June. They will be sharing the stage with some of the most prominent names in the P-pop industry, such as ALAMAT, BINI, BGYO, DIONE, 1st.One and many more.

"Since Tugatog Filipino Music Festival is such a massive event for the P-pop community, we are doing our best to prepare and practice our set," the group shared. "Especially when we are not only performing in front of our MNLoves but also to other fandoms in P-pop as well. And really, our wish is to share and promote our music through people that share the same love for P-pop and OPM."

Bolder and fiercer MNL48

"We've overcome a lot of insecurities, individually and as a group. Before, we constantly got distracted by the things that we couldn't do since we were still new in the industry and still had a lot to learn. But over the past years, we have grown to be confident as an idol, which solidified our bond," the group said. "We are now in our fourth year as a group, and within that period, we have already released a lot of music, singles, and an album. But every time we come back as a group, we make sure that we bring on a new level and show a different MNL48."

With that being said, MNL48 promises that you will witness a bolder and more fierce MNL48 at Tugatog Filipino Music Festival. "We promise that you will witness a different MNL48. There will be a lot of surprises from the other groups and us too! Watch out for surprise collaborations because it's going to be amazing."

The Tugatog Filipino Music Festival dubbed the "platform for top Filipino talents to showcase the finest of OPM year after year," strives to emphasize Filipino music, culture, and identity by exhibiting musicians that define the apex of Filipino music at a given period.

"With Tugatog, we hope that this event will open more opportunities for other P-pop groups and us," the group said. "We also hope that this event will introduce the world of P-pop to those who haven't had the chance to hear and experience our talents. "

Aside from the concert, Tugatog merchandise, in the form of t-shirts, bags, notebooks, and more, will also be available at the event. Tickets for the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival are already available at SMtickets.


But if you think that's all. Think again! PARCINQ Magazine will be there too! Get a chance to get a copy of our Tugatog Issue featuring MNL48 alongside other P-pop groups in an exclusive, limited edition print run in celebration of the live concert. If you are attending the concert, you can pick up your copy at the event. If not, don't worry — you can still have one (or three!) shipped right to your doorstep. It comes with freebies like posters and trading cards, so don't miss out! Pre-order your copies here.


Produced Exclusively by Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. and Parcinq Magazine Team for @TugatogPH

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by Mark Baccay

Interview by Anna Fregillana and LA Bendana

Videography by Sean Amador

Assisted by Juan Miguel Lapidez & Joshua Navarro

Set Design by Rooster Production Design



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