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Converse Invites You to Unleash Your Creative Sole with In-store Customization Service

Activities taking place on October 20-22 at Converse flagship store Glorietta 2

Converse launches a new creative space for consumers to take control of their own sneakers. A personalization experience where each consumer will be able to customize their sneakers in different possible ways. With this new offering, Converse aims to create a connection with each of their consumers, to see their products changed, creatively manipulated, and created to fit each and every person's style.

While Converse makes the products, the consumers are the heart of the brand. This event is an opportunity to engage with every fan and create a very personalized Converse experience.

Collaboration with All-Stars

The event will be a collaboration featuring a new and existing group of Converse All-Stars. The Converse All Stars is a robust, community-focused ecosystem of mentorship, commissions, and funding, as Converse aims to create more opportunities for emerging creatives around the world. The original Chuck Taylor's customized by the All Stars will be displayed throughout the event, showcase the work of the young talents.

Customize your Chucks: Unleash Your Creative Sole

The theme of the event is 'Converse by You' with three different activities, running different sessions from 10 am - 9 pm on October 20-22. It will be held at Converse Flagship Store at Glorietta 2.

The customization event will consist of doodling, embroidery and beading of laces, iron patching, and painting. The event is open to all on a first-come first-serve basis.



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