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Def Jam Recordings Philippines Brings the Best Pinoy Hip-Hop Artists in All-Star REKOGNIZE EP SERIES

Manila, Philippines — Def Jam, one of the world's most prestigious hip hop labels, is set to arrive in the Philippines with the official launch of its massive Rekognize project featuring its all-star hip-hop roster on April 16, 2021.

Rekognize is a landmark hip-hop event that brings together over 120 artists and 14 music producers from the old and modern schools of hip-hop for a four-EP series that will be released this year. The Rekognize project will not only introduce Pinoy hip-hop fans to Def Jam Philippines' young, stellar roster. It will also shine a spotlight on the rich and diverse Filipino hip-hop and R&B movements on the international stage. "I truly believe that if you have that love for the culture, it can work, and I really feel it in my gut, hoping that the same heart, passion, and energy will be shared. This won't be Def Jam Philippines' success alone but also the whole Pinoy hip-hop and R&B communities, too," shares Allan Mitchell "Daddy A" Silonga, A&R Senior Manager of Def Jam Philippines.

Rekognize brings together members of the Filipino hip-hop culture, bringing together not only past and present generations of Pinoy emcees in a sonically monumental affair but also through visually convincing narratives. The star-studded Nite N' Day EP, which features some of the most exciting names in hip-hop and R&B in the world, kicks off Rekognize. "Beautiful Day," a collaboration between Mike Swift, D-Coy, Alisson Shore, kiyo, and Mark Beats, was released earlier this year and is followed by "Atin Ang Gabi," a collaboration between Al James, Legit Misfitz, K24/7, and Calvin De Leon.

‘BEAUTIFUL DAY’ artists (L-R) D-Coy, kiyo, Mark Beats, Mike Swift, Alisson Shore

Three more tracks in the EP, "H247," "Solitaryo," and "Pusuan Mo," highlight the powerhouse talent of Def Jam Philippines' roster of young hip-hop and R&B artists, respectively. The initial roster comprises up-and-coming artists from around the world, most of whom are just starting their careers. "I chose to look for raw talents, develop and mold them and have that chemistry and bond with each other until they 'make it' and have that superstar status and create monster hits. We look for artists that are creatively genuine, amazingly talented, world-class and have a great character and good working attitude, humble but confident, and can have a long-lasting and fruitful relationship together with our team," Daddy A clarifies.

‘ATIN ANG GABI’ artists(L-R) Ebet(K24/7), Calvin De Leon, Jhego Catabay(Legit Misfitz),

Al James, Daddy A(K24/7), Dash Calzado(Legit Misfitz)

The Upcoming Roster of Def Jam Philippines

(L-R) VVS Collective, JMara, DonWilson, Scye, Eurieka, Fateeha, Tommie King, J-Nina, Tiffany Lhei

  • VVS Collective: a rap group consisting of four talented guys who write and produce their own songs. They're best known for their melodic trap and mumble rap style. VVS Collective also takes the distinction of being the first act signed under the label.

  • Tiffany Lhei: a 13-year-old rapper from Cavite who gives off a genuine swag and confidence with her varied rhyming styles.

  • SCYE: a lyrical rapper from Bulacan. With a growing collection of demos under his belt already, he caught Def Jam Philippines' attention with his rhymes and intense, passionate delivery.

  • DonWilson: a 20-year-old R&B singer-songwriter from Batangas whose music exudes sexuality and romance.

  • Eurieka: a 17-year-old rapper and songwriter from Caloocan. With a combination of charm and innocence, he delivers impeccable rhymes and flows with a unique tone.

  • Tommie King: is a rapper and songwriter originally from Atlanta and currently based in Manila with a star quality that rivals local celebrities.

  • J-Nine: a young R&B singer that exudes a similar vibe as Ariana Grande but has her way of charming people with her looks and singing ability.

  • Fateeha: a 17-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter with a fantastic attitude and superstar aura—a potential international star in the making.

  • JMara: a rapper and singer-songwriter from Quezon who will surely stun the audience with his unique style and strong delivery and songwriting.

With the Def Jam Philippines launch, Pinoy fans should expect nothing short of history in the making. "It will be huge and again will be centered in cultivating and promoting the hip-hop and R&B culture and community. It's gonna be a celebration of Pinoy pride, heart, and dignity," Daddy A says.

The launch of Def Jam Philippines comes after the official expansion of Def Jam South East Asia in September 2019, reiterating the label's commitment to the development of hip-hop communities across the country.



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