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Dream Maker Hangover: Greatest TOTGAs that Deserve Recognition

In every survival show, there's a number of contestants who we thought would snag one of the top places and win the whole thing. But in this kind of reality, the future's always uncertain as the race to the top becomes tighter.

Now that we have formed the final seven Dream Chasers who surely are deserving and who are set to debut in South Korea this June, we can't help but look back to other talented dreamers who also deserve recognition. In stan Twitter's language, they are called TOTGAs (The One That Got Away).

Here, we list the fans' heavy favorites and greatest TOTGAs who should have, at least, been in the finale.


If there's someone who wasn't able to showcase his overall talent, it's John. With great vocal prowess, he would have slayed the position mission! Even though he was eliminated early, he was still able to capture the appreciation coming from the fans.


Jay was deprived of showing how adorable he could've been in Lovey Dovey. He's surely suitable for cute concepts like that of NCT Dream. But knowing Jay as a performer, he doesn't want to be boxed under one image. He can shine to any concept like a sparkling jewel.


Ron stands out not just because of how he looks but also of how he navigates the stage. More than his hair that helps him get noticed immediately, this Dream Chaser has a charm that gradually grows on everyone watching. He has a great personality!


This The Voice Teen alumnus isn't just a rapper, but also a vocalist. As someone who was once part of the top seven, Asi has shown his capabilities throughout the show to become a global pop idol. He spits fire when he raps and, at the same time, can reach a high note!


Ishiro's improvement was something else. For a span of a few months, he solidified the fact that he can be an all-rounder. How he got eliminated might be a shocker, but he will always be remembered as someone who leaped from Rank 44 to Rank 5 and set the stage ablaze for his iconic rap part in Amazon.

Their journey in Dream Maker might come to an end, but their skills will forever be shining through. It's just a matter of timing for these young talents to bloom and reach their dream horizon.



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