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Emerging Fashion Visionaries Showcase their Creativity at Style Conquest 2024

Fashion isn't about following trends; it's about breaking them.

This rang true during the Style Conquest 2024 where 12 creative visionaries bedazzled the runway and presented innovative designs at the Green Sun Hotel on June 30. 

Adding to the hype, P-pop groups G22, VXON, AJAA, and YES MY LOVE (YML), along with VIVA Artist Rabin Angeles rocked the runway with the designers’ fabulous pieces.

The event started on a high note with its afternoon show where six designers let their designs walk the runway. 

Beginning with Miguel Rosario’s collection which encapsulates elegance and sophistication with his demure yet edgy couture.

Meanwhile, Camille Besacruz’s  Maria Princess collection showcased the beauty of a Greek Goddess as no designer can capture the essence of ancient elegance quite like her.

Basil Malicsi exhibited a collection featuring bold colors and eccentric patterns, giving off a refreshing, ethnic, street-style look.

How about streetwear meets fashion? Paul Smith MT made that possible with his casual-streetwear collection: “The High Range” which conceptualizes the idea of “active” but makes it “fashion”.


Nash August’s fashion approach to his collection draws heavily from styles that blend distressed looks, streetwear influences, opulence, and high fashion.

Kein Dumlao's collection of gender-neutral designs featured the concept of inclusivity on the runway.

Edrick Paz and his collection of semi-formal, high-end couture. His designs combine polish and elegance with a touch of edge and sophistication.

Emanuel Riñoza’s collection, Inigo, encapsulates sultry allure and genderless glam.


Joining them are six Fashion Design Graduates from iAcademy, who did not hold back from showing their masterpieces for the evening show at 8 pm.

Inspired by her fear of thunderstorms, Jannah Collado’s collection lit up the runway with her unique silhouettes and dramatic textures.

Joanah Santos’ Collection celebrates the beauty of heritage, blending timeless elegance with modern sensibilities which was inspired by her late grandmother.

Elena Mariano’s collection of pink frills, lace, and sheer fabric is inspired by their sexual awakening and the concept of being a woman.

Ellyn Denubo's designs are a vibrant reflection of Filipino street culture, drawing inspiration from the lively atmosphere of the "Perya" (carnival).

Megan Davies' designs are a whimsical exploration of childhood innocence and imagination featuring playful textures and fun details.

Heavily inspired by arcade games and Japanese street fashion, Abby Fernandez mixed those two concepts, giving a touch of street culture and urban authenticity to her collection.

The event was concluded as a success, as these emerging designers were able to let their designs shine. Each is given the chance to stand in the spotlight and break the bonds of society through fashion. Ensuring a bright future for not just mentioned designers but for all who are inspired and are willing to take the risk in trying to make a change through fashion. 


This is not the end as according to the organizers; Style Conquest will be back in October. There is still more to come because even fashion does not take breaks, so stay tuned.


Words by Debbie Mationg with Kzia Casurao and Trisha Baguio




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