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Essential Mark Tuan Tracks to Listen to Before his Manila Show

Photos from marktuan/Instagram

Ahead of his Manila stop for “The Other Side” tour, GOT7’s Mark Tuan was unexpectedly found enjoying the beauty of Tanay, Rizal, while chasing waterfalls.

Sharing the moments on Instagram, the South Korean idol, rapper-singer-songwriter, treated Ahgases to snapshots from his Daranak Falls escapade. In the caption, he expressed gratitude to Filipino-American dancer Ken San Jose for making the day enjoyable.

With the anticipation building for his concert on Jan. 14 at the SM North Edsa Skydome, let’s set the stage with the perfect prelude—a journey through some of the essential songs to listen to before the soon-to-be unforgettable night unfolds.

“Far Away”

Mark made his solo debut with “The Other Side” in August 2022, an album that skillfully intertwines vulnerability with a comforting atmosphere. “Far Away” showcases his multifaceted artistry, surpassing conventional solo debuts by seamlessly blending emotional depth with musical prowess.

And for sure, we’ll feel both the pain and comfort if we sing with him on the night of the concert. 

“Running Away”

We’re definitely not running away with “Running Away.” If Mark wants to impart a message with this song, that would be living life with no regrets. As the song says, “Left too fast gone all regrets, I’m picking a day I’m running away. I won't look back again.”

“At My Low”

For Ahgases, the one who undoubtedly brightens our bad days among the seven boys is none other than our respective biases, especially if it’s Mark.

His lyrical prowess in this song conveys a powerful message: “So when I’m at my low, low, low, I know you’ll make it okay.” And surely, we’ll be at our best on Sunday.

“No Tears”

“No Tears” envelops us in a sonic journey, assuring us that our beloved ones will return to us someday. Mark takes the lead, expressing the sentiment with the poignant declaration, “Now I’m home, no tears, baby, you’re not alone.”


We’re certainly falling for Mark even more with his latest EP titled “Fallin.’”

Unlike his debut album, “Fallin’” is an upbeat collection of pop-rock songs that complement his vocal style, reminiscent of the tunes we used to love in the early 2000s.

The title track not only shows his impressive dancing skills (which we’ve missed seeing – he’s a great dancer!) but also emphasizes his infectious smile and that to die for visuals.

And when we hear some of these songs at his Manila show, we won’t want to go home anymore because the “Night’s Still Young,” and we want to spend the rest of our nights with him. 

Now, we’re ready to enter “The Other Side,” powered by DNA Management, CDNZA Records, PULP Live World, and Happee Hour, on Sunday.

But if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you can still check the availability of your preferred seats at SM Tickets. See you there, and don’t forget to bring your best Ahgase self!



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