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Experience Real Beauty with Issy & Co. in Shopee 3.3!

Is your cart ready for the Shopee 3.3 mega sale? If you’re one of the makeup enthusiasts out there, you won’t want to miss out on the best deals from Issy & Co.! What to watch out for this coming super sale in time for Women’s Month?

Here are the fool-proof Issy & Co. products you’ll want to add to your cart:

1. Brow Refiner, a genuinely revolutionary eyebrow gel formula that enhances eyebrows and promotes hair growth.

2. Creme Blush with SPF 15 sun protection for an instant rosy, youthful-looking glow. It delivers a long-lasting, blendable color with a soft and light-weight texture for each shade that adheres to the skin with a fine, natural finish.

3. Lip Mousse to give your lips ultra-intense yet weightless color. It’s formulated with rosehip oil and vitamin E which helps maintain the soft, youthful texture of the lips.

4. Eyeliner Duo, a handy waterproof eyeliner with a liquid liner on one end and gel liner on the other. The liquid formula delivers sharp lines, while the gel stick gives soft pencil strokes.

5. Cream Tint that imparts citrus scent with mixed berry extracts and avocado oil to nourish your lips and brighten your cheeks.

Loving the collection? Check out their Shopee store now and make space for Issy & Co. products in your cart then thank your self later for making a wise choice.



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