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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers — 8 Most Stylish Looks

Banner Art by Mark Baccay

Fashion and style are two of the most beloved elements of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. Each member has their own distinct look, but they all present the same high-fashion standard. The boys in the series all wear clothes that look great — whether they're hanging out at school or attending one of their luxurious parties.

Here, we've listed some of the most stylish looks worn by each member of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.

1. Thyme (Bright Vachirawit)

Look 1: Prints Over Prints

Thyme wears his leopard-print coat over a tiger-print shirt, all while wearing his black pants. This getup exemplifies his character in the series. Not only is he dressed to kill, but he has a personality that makes him a perfect fit for a "Campus Gang Leader" status. His outfits in the series are bold testimony to his fashion sense, and his pairing of patterns in a way that looks good is a prime example. It's no wonder he dresses the part so well.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand & Bright Vachirawit

Look 2: Prints Over Prints

Thyme is a rebel with a cause. In the second episode, he donned a leather jacket and printed button-down shirt — amplifying that he's the boss of the F4. With just one look, we could see that he's the bad boy we all love and adore.

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand

2. Kavin ( Win Metawin)

Look 1: Mod Look

We're in love with the outfit of Kavin in this scene. A look that's always on point and suave, Kavin's all-white ensemble is no exception. Adding a mod twist, he threw on a patterned cardigan to complete the ensemble. We're totally in awe of the outfit, and better yet, he rocked it!

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand

Look 2: Neutral Palette

Kavin is a rich boy with flair. He always has a keen eye for what he wears, but his palette of choice is always neutral. His style is preppy and we'd love to date someone who can pull off this look!

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand

3. Ren (Dew Jirawat)

Look 1: Basic White and Neutral Shade

Along with his simple and classic ensembles, we can see that Ren is always at his charming best. His style gives off this vibe of understated cool–he’s got the attitude and aura of a rebel without the bravado, and that makes his style classic yet iconic. His ensemble is mostly a cardigan along with a t-shirt and of course a pair of trousers, an incredible and stylish look.

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand

Look 2: Preppy Ensemble

Always a classic. Never overplayed. Ren is a man of many styles, but you can always count on him to look suave and sophisticated. Case in point: in this outfit, he wore a classic brown suede Burberry jacket over a shirt, and pants that are fitted but not tight. It's the dapper ensemble of your dreams — just like Ren.

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand

4. M.J. (Nani Hirunkit)

Look 1: Leather Jacket

With his bad-boy aura in the series, Hirunkit surely amplifies his character with his outfit. A leather jacket and black pants are a way to build up the character as M.J. It's subtle, but it works well.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV's F4 Thailand

Look 2: Prints and Texture

M.J. surely loves prints and likes to channel his inner bad boy. In this episode, he wore a tank top layered in a printed button-down shirt and accessorized with a necklace.



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