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Feeling Fantastic with BINI’s Newest Groove, I Feel Good

Photo Courtesy of BINI / ABS-CBN Star Music

Rainbows, unicorns, and everything pretty in between – that's what you'll feel when you jam to BINI's newest bubblegum bop, "I Feel Good."

It's a popular opinion that the one and only nation's girl group owns this concept, and they're doing this effortlessly as if they are born to make our hearts pop every comeback!

A bright, refreshing era has dawned for the eight girls of BINI with the release of "I Feel Good" after the success of perky "Na Na Na" and peppy "Lagi." Continuing BINI's first love story, IFG is a colorful track that describes the blissful feeling of being with someone we love or even just with the one we have a happy crush on.

All hail BINI for reintroducing the bubblegum pop back in the P-pop queendom, and they're slaying this like no other.

In the MV, we see the members doing their own thing in a dreamy, polychromatic room while flashing their vibrant smiles. The song starts off with the resident kikay of the group, Stacey, in her best element, then smoothly followed by our charming bunso, Sheena. From then on, they already feel like home, and those butterflies transcended greatly to our screens.

Aiah cements her name, being a queen when she cuts through with that ethereal pre-chorus, back-to-back with Jhoanna's powerful vocals that literally swirled our world. If perfection was a person, that would be them.

The heart-stopper party kicks off when Maloi and Mikha lead the chorus part. It feels like we're already floating on cloud nine at this point and as if hearing angels describing our euphoric emotions when we're with our crushes.

And hey, we won't forget how Gwen stunningly looks with that long hair while hitting those on-point low notes! She really knows her way on how to play with the camera – well, she's called the 'stage presence' queen for a reason.

We then move to Colet's solo part in the song's second pre-chorus. Heavenly done! Maybe if we had that kind of vocal ability, we wouldn't shut up. But then again, some people like Colet were naturally born to be a star.

Did you notice those cute animals on their fits while they're busy dancing in the clouds? Those are their respective Twitter emojis! It just shows that this MV also highlights their loveable personalities. How clever!

When the beat drops, we know it's time for our sassy rappers to steal the spotlight. They ate and left no crumbs. Plus, in BLOOMS land, we were just dreaming about how BINI would look extra fine with a Y2K Jolina-core aesthetic, and they delivered it to us in this single.

Mikha, Aiah, and Stacey (with a Gwenified look wbk) started popping off in somewhat like a 90s artista notebook covers and just fluidly throwing those beautiful rap verses. If BINI would release a merch centering on this, we would definitely be on the front line. I mean, we waited for this, hello!

Knowing BINI, they don't run out of surprises. At the end of the MV, another world opens — seemingly darker –, and that means they're preparing something explosive for the much-awaited sophomore album this October.

BINI fever is on, and we're very much ready to experience the heatwave.

Stream "I Feel Good" here:



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