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Fern. Talks About His Single “Whatever This Is” and the Uncertainty That is Love

We got to sit down and talk—over Zoom, of course—with our homeboy Fern. for an all-exclusive Parcinq interview where he talks about his new single “Whatever This Is,” feelings, working with people you love, and being your authentic self.

It’s been a while since Fern. last released music, and this single track is really taking away from what he has done so far. The singer-songwriter/producer worked with prolific electronic artist similarobjects and experimental beatsmith VINCED, showcasing his constantly evolving style and music direction, and completely turning this R&B jam into a state of revealing “unguarded moments and emotional honesty,” Fern. described. It doesn’t get more real than this.

Fern Tan (his real name) doesn’t like releasing music just for the sake of it. He’s all about creating songs that embody what he feels. Very much like this song, Fern. shared that the feeling is all about putting it all out and letting go. “‘Whatever This Is’ is one of those songs that was made just because I wanted to let go of certain emotions and be okay with whatever I was feeling at the moment.”

He shared that it's a lot about diving into his inner thoughts. Most of the time, it's easy to talk about love or wanting someone, the feeling of love, but he kind of wanted to dive into the deeper fears of what love is.

“Most of the time, we're always very unsure of what we're getting into. I haven't figured out what love is until now. I think it's just a continuous experience when you're connecting to someone and you move from one person to the next, you learn and take away something from it unless you're an asshole,” he kidded. “You take away from everyone and so that's what I think what love is, really,” he added.

If there’s anything Fern. wants his listeners to take away from this song, he advised, “Just don't overthink shit man.” He admitted that he’s the biggest overthinker ever so he wants his listeners to feel like it's normal, “like me I write songs about feelings every day and I still can't even get the full grip on whatever this that I feel, so it's fine—that it's okay.”

The song, set at the beautiful scenery of Zambales where they shot the music video (which is said to be released on March 5th—you heard it first from us), was the most exciting experience he’s ever had. He also said that whenever they do these kinds of things, they make sure to capture moments, not just taken through the camera but by living in the moment.

Behind the scenes of their upcoming music video. Photos courtesy of Island Records Philippines.

“We stayed up 24 hours watching the sunrise, shared personal experiences through conversations in between shoots, and creating art in the purest form that it can be.” This makes creating music feel less like work.

Fern.’s “Whatever This Is” is available now on all digital and streaming platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines.

Whether you’ve always been a fan or have just become one recently, you’ll be glad to know that Fern. is a music producer and songwriter from Manila, Philippines. He is known for his debut single “Into You” (2017), another notable single “Lie 2 Me” from his first self-titled EP, and his award-winning collaborative track with Julie Anne San Jose, “Down on Me.” He is also known for co-writing and co-producing “You,” Claudia Barretto’s second single.

In 2019, he released his debut album Loveless. The album contained “Sweet” and “Look Into My Eyes,” collaborative tracks that feature Kiana Valenciano and Leila Alcasid, respectively. He has then released three more singles: “Want U Bad,” “Blinded,” and “Angel Eyes.” His song “Kaori” was also included in 88rising’s debut album semilucent.



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