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Former Dream Maker Contestant Fulfills Childhood Dreams with Kumu

In hindsight, Kumu content creator and former idol reality show contestant Wayne Gutierrez didn’t sugarcoat his motivations: he started live streaming for the money. However, over time, Kumu provided him with opportunities and reignited his passion, ultimately healing his childhood dream of becoming an artist. 

ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment’s idol survival show “Dream Maker” has transformed the dreams of many aspiring artists into reality. The show not only introduced the first all-Filipino global pop idol group, HORI7ON, now based in South Korea, but also played a significant role in the formation of several P-pop groups. Among the talents discovered through this platform is Wayne, a former Dream Chaser who has since become a P-pop trainee and a popular Kumu content creator.

Wayne’s journey on Kumu began during the pandemic in 2020, driven by a need to support his family. 

“My family was completely devastated during that time, so I searched online for ways to earn,” he shared with Parcinq. “It wasn’t easy, but my passion for performing kept me going. Fortunately, along the way, I was able to support my family and meet people who became significant parts of my life.”

Kumu offered Wayne more than just financial stability; it brought him closer to his childhood dream of becoming an “artista.” “I got a taste of what it’s like to be an artist through in-app campaigns that offered opportunities for TV appearances, endorsements, PR kits, and products. It was an amazing experience!” said the idol trainee from Asterisk Entertainment.

Initially unfamiliar with the P-pop industry, pre-debuted Aster’s Wayne’s curiosity was piqued by a post about the Star Hunt Auditions. “I had no idea about the P-pop industry back then. I joined Dream Maker mainly because I saw a post online about the Star Hunt Auditions. That reality show opened my eyes to the beautiful world of P-pop and inspired me to dream another dream.”

Now, as an idol on the verge of debuting, Wayne reflects on his journey with gratitude and excitement. “Being part of Dream Maker and training to become an idol has been a self-discovery journey. I’ve realized that Philippine Music holds a special place in my heart.”

When asked about his experience with Parcinq Magazine, Wayne expressed his love for the camera and creating content. At the same time, with his digital appearance, he hopes to inspire others to follow their hearts and make their dreams a reality, for he declares, “it’s not impossible.”

With his debut as an idol on the horizon, Wayne is fully committed to his training. “As you know, I’m currently training to debut as an idol this year. My summer resolution is to be serious about my dance, vocal, and acting workshops. I’m determined to give my all to this opportunity and make my debut a success.”

From a pandemic-stricken home to the bright lights of the P-pop stage, Aster’s Wayne is all set to make his mark and continue to inspire others, that just like him, everyone can reach for the stars. 

Follow him on Kumu, @trainee.ae_wayne, and make sure to watch his livestreams!


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling by Dave Arden

Makeup by Nadynne Esquerra and Jhai Castillo

Hair by Vilma Legaspi

Produced in partnership with Kumu



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