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From 14 to 3: Kumu’s Diamond Hunt Intensifies as Finale Nears

As the heat simmers in the recent two episodes of Kumu’s reality adventure show, Diamond Hunt, the once field of 14 competitive hunters narrows down to just a few contenders. 

Loyalty is tested, resilience pushed to the brink, and the desire for the PHP 300,000 worth of Kumu diamonds becomes increasingly palpable. The question looms: who will emerge victorious? 

In the seventh episode, “Diamond in Your Eyes,” hunters challenged each other’s trust and chemistry, where one hunter clinched the immunity diamond and secured a place in The Final Hunt. The competition ramped up with a triple elimination, bidding farewell to fan favorites Marcus, Bea, and Chardie. And as the top 5 hunters celebrated, they were soon confronted with a formidable obstacle to the top in Episode 8: The Final Hunt, a grueling four-station course.

Though initially anyone’s game, only three hunters now stand poised for the grand finale, prepared to battle for ultimate victory. Here’s your top three. 

Pam (pamelagonzales)

The last man standing is a woman, emerging as the sole female competitor remaining in the competition. Leading “Team Bathala” from the outset, she consistently demonstrated her leadership skills and brought her A-game all throughout, establishing herself as one of the most effective team players. As she aptly put it, “I may be quiet and shy at first, but I’m always one step ahead of you.”

Denden (dendenjunior)

Another leader emerged from the pool of players as Denden swiftly navigated through every “Bakunawa Pit” and fortunately received the immunity diamond from Episode 7’s loyalty game. Luck seems to be on his side as he also obtained the last key to open the treasure box, propelling him into the final three. Although he confessed to always doubting himself, this time he needs to boost his confidence level, as he is undoubtedly one of the top hunters.

Lennard (lennardwesley)

Coming from “Team Bathala,” Lennard is equipped to embody the essence of his team’s namesake, “Bathala,” as he embarks on the quest for the diamonds. Describing himself as immensely competitive, he brings a fiery determination to the competition. With a burning desire to succeed and a relentless drive, Lennard is prepared to leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of victory.

As the tension mounts and the final showdown looms, the stage is set for a battle among these three hunters. Who will ultimately claim the title of the Ultimate Diamond Hunter? Only time will tell as the thrilling finale unfolds, which you can watch on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel and iWantTFC on Wednesday.



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